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Monday, July 28, 2014

How Barbie Met Ken by Chelsie Nikol REVIEW

How Barbie Met KenHow Barbie Met Ken
by Chelsie Nikol

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Barbie has it all, good looks, popularity, the rich and handsome boyfriend, she's cheerleading captain and a beauty pageant winner. So then why is she so unhappy? Maybe it's because the handsome boyfriend is actually an alcoholic who is also taking steroids, and has a tendency to be a bit violent with her. Or maybe it's because she wants something more out of life than the plastic dreams being told to her. Kenji is the loner of the school, his father passed away and he is into photography. Everyone calls him a tattletale, and he doesn't care. He just wants to survive long enough to get out of high school and be on his own. He is dealing with more adult stuff than anyone in high school. How Barbie Met Ken pairs these two people from opposite ends of the social spectrum in high school together for a class project, and how it ends up effecting them each. Chelsie Nikol does a wonderful job of creating characters we can visualize by using these familiar names, and adding in modern pressures and trials.

How Barbie Met Ken is a wonderful young adult and teen book, set in the senior year of high school, that talks about popularity, boyfriends, cheating, drugs and alcohol, college and careers, family and friends and so much more. It goes into all aspects of everyday life, but it does so with two characters that we can easily see in our minds, Barbie and Ken. Chelsie Nikol brings these two iconic names into the modern world and then turns it upside down as they become real people with real issues and problems to deal with. This is an excellent book for that high school age reader.

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