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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Shayton Chronicles Book 1: Destiny Sets by Karen Fainges BOOK REVIEW

The Shayton Chronicles Book 1: Destiny SetsThe Shayton Chronicles Book 1: 
Destiny Sets
by Karen Fainges

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Here on Earth the stories of vampires are a bit twisted and not so true, but in another parallel dimension there is a world called Shayton that is inhabited by real vampires and they are nothing like the stories. On Shayton the world is in danger of collapsing and the ruling Council is always on the lookout for ways to correct the issues and stave off the collapse. Lisa is the daughter of the king, but she has been banished from Shayton and lives on Earth. Now the council wants her back, and selects a human to bring with her for a purpose, providing a godChild. The Shayton Chronicles Book 1: Destiny Sets follows Lisa as she is brought back and conceives not one but two children and the lives of Lisa and Tony, the children and Shayton that follows their conception and birth. Karen Fainges takes a paranormal or fantasy novel and adds the elements of a family saga to give a new and different novel on the idea of vampires and their coexistence with our world.

The Shayton Chronicles Book 1: Destiny Sets begins what promises to be a unique and fun novel series. Even though it could be called paranormal or fantasy, I think the best genre label for it should be family saga. It follows Lisa and Tony, then their children around through life to the point where they are once again reintroduced to their parents. Talkar is followed as he fights for his place in the world of Shayton, then as he leaves and finds a fulfilling life on Earth with Molly, and later a child with another species. Karen Fainges does a wonderful job of creating a story that you want to follow from the beginning, characters that you relate to and feel for. Although this book spans a great deal of time, it almost feels as it is all happening within moments of each other. This is definitely a good book for adults, highly mature young adults and those loving the idea of a new approach to vampires.

The Shayton Chronicles
Book One - Destiny Sets
Book Two - Tamal's Journeys
Book Three - The Children of Tamal

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Neria (The Future Demon Huntress, #1) by A.S. Johnson BOOK REVIEW

Neria (The Future Demon Huntress, #1)Neria
The Future Demon Huntress, Book One
by A.S. Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite .

Neria thinks she is just a normal high school student, except that she has weird dreams. Her mom thinks they should talk to the priest at school. Neria The Future Demon Huntress reveals that what she really is, much to her disbelief is a demon hunter. This takes some getting used to and she has to deal with the fact that her life is being planned out for her, without her consent. Kellar is an older boy at school that she has a crush on, but what she doesn't know to begin with is that he knows she is a demon hunter and it is his job to protect her. She will deal with a budding relationship with Kellar, then the fact that he knew more about her than she did and can she still trust him. A.S. Johnson writes a paranormal novel of the life of a demon hunter, but it is also steeped in the Catholic faith and exorcisms. It is definitely not your typical paranormal novel.

The ability of A.S. Johnson to take a paranormal concept of a demon hunter and place her into the middle of the Catholic church, surrounded by high level church people is a new and different concept in paranormal novels. The main characters are high school students, so it is a great young adult book, but that being said even as an adult I found it worth the time to read. Neria The Future Demon Huntress has romance between Neria and Kellar, training through the church, and the future of the world in the paranormal hunter concept. It touches on so many planes that the novel is extremely realistic.

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The Future Demon Huntress
Book One - Neria

The Vampire Empress Chronicles
Book One - Caroline's Path
Book Two - Charlotte's Journey

Other Books - Not in a series
Native Nights: Roxanna

Evil Town by J. David Bethel BOOK REVIEW

Evil TownEvil Town 
by J. David Bethel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite .

If there is one place in the world that you could call Evil Town, Washington DC would most likely be that town. Politics, corruption and bribery are everyday occurrences. What really makes the place an Evil Town is what happens when someone bucks the trend and refuses to be bribed. John David Bethel creates a mystery and intrigue novel that begins with the wife of a congressman, who has not been corrupted by the town and refuses to take a bribe or later threat to her safety. As the story delves into what happened to her, we are caught up in years of sweeping facts under the rug. From Vietnam to a local sugar plantation, everyone it seems is hiding a secret. What is it about the secrets and how do they relate to each other and the congressman?

John David Bethel takes the reader into the underbelly of Washington DC. He takes what people tend to think goes on there and amps it up a bit to create a novel of intrigue and mystery that keeps the reader guessing with every page. Evil Town addresses corruption, politics, bribery and murder. Everyone has a secret, but how they each relate to the other, and what one person wants and what they are willing to do to get that will amaze and confound you. At times you will believe the story and feel like it could be a true story, and at the same time you will think there is no way people can be this cruel and demented. Evil Town is well written and draws the reader into the novel, to the point that you feel like it is really happening. This is a great novel for adults, and something to keep you guessing.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Trust (The Hero Chronicles, #2) by Tim Mettey BOOK REVIEW

The Hero Chronicles, Book Two
by Tim Mettey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite .

We originally met Nicholas in the first book of this series, Secrets, and this book continues the story. The secrets are now out in the open, or at least some of them and now it is a matter of who to trust and what to do to stay alive and continue life. Nicholas has started a relationship and for the first time in his life since his parents death, he and his Aunt are not moving at the end of the school year, they are staying put and continuing with life. Now they have to Trust that they made the correct decision and to learn more about the heritage that Nicholas just learned about. Tim Mettey takes the second book of the Hero Chronicles and doesn't miss a beat. This book continues the story and yet still keeps the excitement and the thrill, the reality and the story that entranced readers in the first book.

Trust follows secrets, just as in life once you learn the secrets now you need to trust what you feel and go with your heart. This book follows in such a normal and life-like pattern that, even more than the first book, the reader is pulled into the story. You can actually feel as if you are part of the story and you want to help Nicholas and to understand what is going on as much as he does. It is a wonderful story that will encourage and inspire the young adult and teen reader, and even restore faith in the youth of the day to the older reader. Tim Mettey may be a newer author, in that Secrets and trust are his first books, but he has a style and ability that will have you wanting more from him as soon as you finish this book. In fact, I was surprised to find that the author was male, in so much as I find that it is harder to find a male author that can connect so directly with the reader. There are those out there, and when you read them they become a readers favorite immediately. This author has the talent and ability to be one of those rare writer, if he isn't already and it is worth the time to read his books.

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The Hero Chronicles
Book One - Secrets                       My Review
Book Two - Trust

Secrets (The Hero Chronicles, #1) by Tim Mettey BOOK REVIEW

The Hero Chronicles, Book One
by Tim Mettey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Nicholas has moved at the end of summer every year that he has lived with his Aunt since his parents death. It's just part of his life, not that he likes it, but that is the way his Aunt says it has to be, and he has to keep from making friends or talking too much about himself. This time they move closer to his old hometown, the first time they have come back this way since they left, and things are beginning to change. He falls for a girl, and wants to form relationships for the first time, but his Aunt is still cautious but allows him more this time around. Only problem, strange things are happening. Tim Mettey takes the concept of a hero, adds some paranormal and a world in flux after a huge natural disaster to create a story that you want to be part of. Secrets starts out this series with the knowledge that there is a great deal in the world that Nicholas doesn't know about, and now is apparently the time for him to find out about a number of those.

Recently hero books seem to be all the rage, but this book is different. Nicholas is considered a hero by a number of people, but he doesn't think that way. He thinks he is a normal teenager, which gives this a different vibe. Nicholas is not a cocky kid, but a true humble and confused teenager and that is part of what makes Secrets a wonderful book. Secrets is the first book in the Hero Chronicles series that Tim Mettey has created. This book will pull you in and remind you of high school if you are an adult, but be so relate-able to the young adult and teen market. The paranormal slant to the book gives it a new and different vibe, but at the same time I could easily see Nicholas fitting into our local high school. I found this to be a easy to relate to novel that drew me in. I love it for the young adult and teen market, in fact will gladly share it with my teens at home. This is definitely worth the time to read.

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The Hero Chronicles
Book One - Secrets
Book Two - Trust                     My Review

My Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming by Patricia L. Steffy BOOK REVIEW

My Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince CharmingMy Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming
by Patricia L. Steffy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite .

Are you reaching out for all that life has to offer or are you sitting back wondering why you haven't achieved what you wanted? My Letter to Fear is a collection of short essays, each chapter is really a different topic and focus, but Fear connects them all. Some of the chapters are funny, with past experiences recounted for the benefit of the reader to prove a point, others are words of encouragement or even chastisements. Each addresses the many ways that we allow fear to stop us from becoming all that we want or deserve to be in life. Ms. Patricia L Steffy does a fabulous job in putting all these different essays or chapters together into a cohesive book that is not too stuffy, but gives the right amount of correction and encouragement.

My Letter to Fear is a collection of essays, each chapter is a different essay, and written to stand entirely alone. As the author, Ms. Patricia L Steffy researched her own life and collected stories from others, you never know which essay is about her or someone else, but they all provide the gentle encouragement that is needed to push the reader to action. This book is about realizing that fear is holding you back from accomplishing what you want in life, and addressing that fear and moving on. Now it doesn't give you step by step self help advice, it is more a gentle, funny way to help you realize what you are doing. I found it to be a fun read. Some chapters are more laugh producing than others, but in the end, if the reader has opened their mind and read with a willing heart, they will realize that there is at least one chapter that relates to their life and there is something they can wok on. I feel this is a great book for all readers, including the young adult and college age reader, in fact it might do them more good than the older reader, but it is still worth the read.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Lady Star (Sir Edward Series, #2) by Claudy Conn BOOK REVIEW

Lady Star (Sir Edward Series, #2)Lady Star 
The Sir Edward Series, Book Two
by Claudy Conn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lady Star and her brother Vern are about to lose the family estate of Berkley Grange due to their father's gambling and now Vern's poor choice's in trying to rectify the finances.

Sir Edward has been dumped by Lady Babs, and after running into Jules at the Mermaid Inn has decided to stay on in the country to heal his "broken" heart. Jules fancies himself in love with Lady Star, while Lady Star's best friend, Lady Georgina is in love with Jules. Oh what a wondrous web.

This is a cute historical romance. Nothing in it that you probably couldn't guess at this point given just the above information. That's not to say it is not a book worth reading, because if you are looking for a historical romance it is a good one. It just fits the general pattern of all the rest of the others out there, almost down to the letter. There is nothing new or innovative about it.

Give it a general 3 stars. If you need an average historical romance, it fits the bill. If you are looking for something different, keep moving.

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AUTHOR : Belinda Boring


AUTHOR:   Belinda Boring


The Mystic Wolves Series
Prequel - A Very Mystic Christmas           Goodreads Link
Book One - The Mystic Wolves                My Review
Book Two - Forget Me Not                      My Review 
Book Three - Testing Fate                      My Review
Book Four - Forever Changed                  My Review
Book Five - Savage Passion    
Book Six - Darkness Unleashed
Book Seven - Last Wolf Standing

Other Books
Loving Liberty              Goodreads. com
Broken Promises 
Enchanted Hearts
Jagged Edges     

With Other Authors
Paranormal Pantry           
Lover's Embrace              
A Midsummer Night's Fling

Forever Changed (Mystic Wolves #4) by Belinda Boring BOOK REVIEW

Forever Changed  (Mystic Wolves, #4)Forever Changed
The Mystic Wolves Series, Book Four
by Belinda Boring

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finally, after battling a demented vampire that kidnapped Darcy and hung Mason on a wall. After surviving a conniving, scheming Amber who tried to use a spell to take Mason away from Darcy. After having to prove that despite the fates stepping in and adjusting their meeting, they were destined to be together. Mason and Darcy are married! They spend their first night together, and in the morning as Mason runs downstairs to grab some food to bring up to theme, Darcy, feeling like a little kids, giggles and dances in the bathroom, only to have it explode. What?!

Turns out Darcy isn't just a werewolf, just is part witch too. That part has just been hidden from her until now. Not only is Darcy a little shaken by the news, Mason is a little angry that no one let him in on the secret. It doesn't change his feelings for Darcy in the least, but it does make him worry about how to protect her better. Especially after he learns there is a crazed wizard after her.

Once again, Mason and Darcy are given a challenge that they have to overcome and again we watch them work as a team to figure this out and do what they can. Their love for each other, their emotional and mental connection and now their physical connection all work to play a part in what they have to do to protect not only Darcy but the pack as well.

I'm going to tell you right now, don't read this one with a box of Kleenex. I cried and cried, but I also laughed and I loved every bit of the book. It is a top notch romance that once again proves that true love, the power of teamwork and faith can do anything. To be perfectly honest I am jealous of the relationship that Mason and Darcy have, I would love to have something half as close as that, half as exciting and toe curling. Who wouldn't?! I also love the friendship, almost brother-sister relationship that Darcy and Daniel have.

Belinda Boring develops the most amazing relationships among her characters and they are so real and wonderful that I want to just climb in the book and be part of the Mystic Wolves Pack. This is just a top notch novel and series that you must check out.

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Testing Fate (Mystic Wolves, #3) by Belinda Boring BOOK REVIEW

Testing Fate  (Mystic Wolves, #3)Testing Fate 
The Mystic Wolves, Book Three
by Belinda Boring

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Darcy and Mason and ready for their wedding. They have been engaged for almost a year, as required by the council and once they get through with Amber's trial it will be time for their wedding. They are ready for some good after the trouble they have had recently. Only problem, Amber is not about to go away quietly. She has one more trick up her sleeve at the trial, she claims that Darcy tampered with fate.

The fates are called to the trial to answer the question of whether Darcy tampered with them and her meeting of Mason. She did not, but one of the fates did promote the meeting between Darcy and Mason. Darcy and Mason are whisked off to the land of the fates and their they are told they will have to be tested to prove that the tampering by the fate did not change anything. Even though they did nothing wrong. They agree and the testing begins.

The testing wipes away their memories and they have to fight through some challenges without knowing why they were sent there to fight for. Even though neither can remember what they are fighting for, they know it has to be big if they are doing this test, so they push on and survive. On to the wedding, which of course can not go smoothly!

This whole series has been a testament to the power and strength of true love. Mason and Darcy have been able to overcome any thing and everything that has been thrown at them, and their love and trust in one another has not been shaken. Remember this is a couple that still has not consummated their relationship, they haven't taken it to that level and yet they have a stronger relationship than most relationship today.

I have related to the characters. I have felt for them and with them. I have cried and laughed. I have screamed with joy and pain. This has been an all encompassing story in these three books to date that I am happy to have read and can't wait to continue.

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Forget Me Not (Mystic Wolves, #2) by Belinda Boring BOOK REVIEW

Forget Me Not (Mystic Wolves, #2)Forget Me Not
Mystic Wolves, Book Two
by Belinda Boring

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mason and Darcy are having a romantic dinner at home alone when there is a knock at the door. Enter a woman who claims to be Mason's betrothed and is a bit of a, well bitch. Mason quickly sets the record straight in that it was an arranged marriage between her father and his, and it was not upheld by the council. Now she wants refugee with the Mystic Wolves. This sounds like nothing but problems.

The next morning Daniel, Mason's best friend and second in charge sits Darcy down and tells her how things were when Amber was around the first tie, what she was like and what happened to drive her off. Of course not everyone in the pack got to see that side of her, but enough did.

This is the second book in the Mystic Wolves series, and the amazing romance between Darcy and Mason that was started in the first continues and grows in this book. Usually when an ex or former flame shows up, there is doubt or questions in the romance, but that is not the case with Darcy and Mason, they seem to know that what they have is so deep and so real, and they are not afraid of her, they just grow stronger with everything she throws at them.

The so enjoy the way that the author is able to build a romance that is not built on sex alone, but on a true emotional and mental connection. These two are soul mates if I ever saw a pair of soulmates, and they give hope that every one out there has a soul mate out there meant just for them.

The book is not marketed as young adult, but with the purity until marriage theme, I am comfortable allowing my teenage daughter to read it. Having said that, there are a couple of her friends of the same age that I would not want to read this book, the maturity level of the reader is something that would have to be addressed.

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The Mystic Wolves (The Mystic Wolves, #1) by Belinda Boring BOOK REVIEW

The Mystic Wolves (Mystic Wolves, #1)The Mystic Wolves 
The Mystic Wolves, Book 1
by Belinda Boring

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Darcy and her best friend Jasmine are watching the guys play backyard football. Of course they are yelling and teasing them at the same time, which the guys love but have to act like they don't. At one point Darcy says something that has Mason, her future husband and Jasmine's brother on his way over. The sparks that ignite between them is the stuff that you can only get in the best of stories, it never happens in real life, and man is it wonderful to read!

After the game, as they are getting read to eat, they realize they are out of steak sauce. Now the guys can't go without steak sauce on their meat, so Jasmine and Darcy offer to run into town and grab some. Mason doesn't want them to go without him or one of the other guys, but the girls plead, really its just the store and back what could possibly happen.

When a former handyman and friend of the pack Gary aims a gun on Darcy and tries to kidnap Jasmine, things go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. How will Mason react? an Darcy forgive herself? Why Jasmine? What else is going on and is anyone else in danger?

The is a werewolf romance, and I am going to put it out there to start, it is the best thing I have read in a long time!! First off, there is NO SEX! Mason and Darcy are waiting on their wedding night, but there is a lot of really steamy kissing, and there is a deep connection between them that is mental and emotional that makes the kissing seem even more intimate than sex at times. That being said, I am perfectly comfortably letting my teenager read it, but I wouldn't let some of her friends. It's not classified as a young adult, but I think that some could handle it, and the purity until marriage ideal would be good for some to learn.

Aside from the werewolves, you also have witches and vampires in the supernatural community. As the series progresses the community will expand even more and you will find more shapeshifters than just werewolves. In this story, everyone in the supernatural community works together, they are not fighting each other, which really leads to a peaceful existence.

The romance and love between Darcy and Mason will have you taking a cold shower after reading this book. I am just in awe of the author's ability to weave such detail and emotion into the characters and their actions and feelings and not make it all seems cheesy, but to make it come across as real and genuine.

Even if you aren't into the werewolf or supernatural genre, if you are looking for a romance to rock your world, then this is it!!

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Okay, so I just posted the four best EROTICA book reviews that I had, and I am NOT going to fill the blog with all kinds of erotica books. I normally don't read them, but I was given a number to review, and I did. Then I was told, you know there are a blue million of them for free on so I got a few to review, but I don't want them to take over.  So I am listing them all here!

The full reviews are all listed on the Goodreads site, and I will provide a link to that review with each book.  If you click on the book title, that will take you to the Goodreads review.  Be warned they are short reviews because there is not much you can say with some of these without telling the whole story.

I'm going to list the title and the author, then the star rating that I gave it.

Let me just say this now, that there are few high star ratings. I was looking for a story, not just simple encounter, but something that has something to back up the encounter.  The lower stars the more just single events or encounters. If there is a higher star rating that probably means there was a real story to it and it took a bit to read.  If I found a real, true book and long story I will probably review them separately. 

Dominating Vanessa              by:  Audrey Black                               ***
Office Toy                            by:  Cleo Peitsche                               ***
Hannah's Choice                    by:  Selena Kitt                                  ***
Bent over Screaming              by:  Lily Green                                    ***
Forcing Corinne                     by:  Rachel Nixx                                  ***
Football Party, I                    by:  M. L. Patricks                                **
Football Party, II                   by:  M. L. Patricks                               **
Well, I Sure Love It               by:  Reese Cantwell                             **
Backwoods Bound                  by: Coyote Rose                                  **
Bad Moon, 1                         by: Jackie Sexton                                 ***
Taken as Payment                 by: Lacey King                                     ***
Breeding for Him                   by: Layla Bangs                                   ***
Kaitlin Breeds with Daddy      by: Sonia Robinson                               **
Stranger on a Hiking Trail       by: Cassandra Zara                              ***
Wolfman Fantasies               by:  Sookie Sabre                                  *

Doctor's Orders: Claimed (4) by Chloe Cox EROTICA BOOK REVIEW

Claimed  (Doctor's Orders, #4)Doctor's Orders:
Claimed (4)
by Chloe Cox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is labeled EROTICA. Please do not read this review if you are not comfortable with this type of story.

Claire's life was unhappy and unfulfilling, then she starting seeing the Doctor. Her first appointment was chronicled in the story, The Exam (available on for free). Her second appointment was chronicled in the story, Remote Control, and her third appointment was chronicled in the story Stripped. At the end of Stripped, there was no new appointment card.

As claimed starts, Claire is waiting, hoping for an appointment card to come, when she receives a card in the mail saying "I'm sorry". She is not happy. She is not ready to drop things, she is in love, and so she makes plans to see the Doctor on her own, and then she enlists Gerald's help to make him see that she is genuine.

Can there really be a happy ever after?

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Doctor's Orders: Stripped (3) by Chloe Cox EROTICA BOOK REVIEW

Stripped (Doctor's Orders, #3)Doctor's Orders:
Stripped (3)
by Chloe Cox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is labeled EROTICA. Please don't read this review if you are not comfortable with that type of story.

Claire has been unhappy with her life, when she first received her invitation to see the Doctor. Her first appointment, which was chronicled in the short story The Exam (available for free on started her journey of sexual and self discovery. Her second appointment, which was chronicled in the short story Remote Control pushed her to face some fears and address them head on. Stripped is her third appointment and it already has the making to be completely different than any appointment before.

As with all appointment, the Doctor has Claire address and face things in her life that she is unhappy with, that she has let slide thinking she had no control over, when in fact she should have had control over them. Through all this Claire has learned about herself and is a much more strong and confident woman, but she has found herself falling in love with the Doctor.

Is falling for the Doctor allowed? Or has Claire just broken the biggest rule of all?

The third book in the Doctor's orders series leaves us with a twist that rivals any great romance.

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Doctor's Orders: Remote Control(2) by Chloe Cox EROTICA BOOK REVIEW

Remote Control (Doctor's Orders, #2)Doctor's Orders:
Remote Control (2)
by Chloe Cox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is labeled as EROTICA. Please do not read this review if you are not comfortable with that type of book.

Claire is unhappy with life when she receives and invitation to meet with the Doctor. After her first appointment, which was chronicled in the short story titled The Exam (available free at her second appointment is chronicled in this book.

Again Claire is asked questions, what is she scared of? What makes her nervous? And of course the Doctor gives her a a quest that will test her and push her to do things that force her to overcome those fears and nervousness.

The plays off the first book, and it really is something that needs to be read as a whole in the series. It presents a full story when all put together.

It's romance and erotica, but it is pushing the boundaries and overcoming fear. Making ourselves better people, in this example using the sexual but it is just the same in the rest of life.

Something off the normal path of reading for a change.

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Doctor's Orders:The Exam by Chloe Cox EROTICA BOOK REVIEW

The Exam (Doctor's Orders, #1)Doctor's Orders:
The Exam 
by Chloe Cox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is labeled as erotica. Please do not read this review if you are not comfortable with that type of book.

Claire is unhappy with her life. She feels like nothing is going right when she receives the invitation to see the Doctor. The Doctor will challenge her thoughts and her sexuality.

While you typical erotica has a scene of sexual escapade played out, what this has it not only a scene but emotional questions. What prevents her from going after her dreams? Is being a receptionist what she really wanted to be all her life?

The Exam is the first in a four part series that makes up a set called The Doctor's Orders, which is a full story of Claire, the Doctor, Gerald and more. It has the makings a a true romance only with more erotica than you normally get in a romance.

Something different to try for a change.

Nook verison free at Barnes and

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Broken Forever (Neveah Trilogy, #1) by Angie Merriam BOOK REVIEW

A Broken Forever (Neveah Trilogy)A Broken Forever
The Neveah Trilogy, Book One
by Angie Merriam

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Lilly and Shep had grown up together, neighbors and friends and as they grew the bond grew until the age of eighteen they knew they were soulmates. What they didn't know was that they were refugee's from another world and they would be called back to rescue their mothers. A Broken Forever is the duel story of two life long playmates raised together, one set bonded and married, the other set promised to each other but not bonded, torn apart by love. One mans obsession with a woman he can not have leads a whole country into turmoil. Angie Merriam does a wonderful job of weaving the world of Earth and Neveah together and making them seem somewhat alike. There are similarities in the stories of the two different generations, yet neither generation has learned not to sacrifice themselves to save a loved one.

A Broken Forver is scheduled to be the first in a series of books set in the world of Neveah by author Angie Merriam. While this does end on a bit of cliffhanging kind of note, it does seem to be a pretty natural stopping point in the story. The characters of Lilly and Shep are so naive and innocent, it is refreshing. In fact most of the people in Neveah are naive and innocent, more so than the regular world of today, and so it makes it a comforting book to relax into and read. There is one pretty detailed assault scene that might be a little graphic for younger readers, but for the most part it is pretty well written for young adults and adults.

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The Neveah Trilogy
Book One -  Broken Forever
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Selkie Enchantress (Seal Island Trilogy, #2) by Sophie Moss BOOK REVIEW

The Selkie Enchantress (Seal Island Trilogy #2)The Selkie Enchantress 
The Seal Island Trilogy, Book Two
by Sophie Moss

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite .

Caitlin has loved Liam since they were kids, but the timing has never been right for them. Finally, things looked to be turning their way at Tara and Dominick's wedding. Tonight was to be their first official date, she made a special dinner and wore a dress, but he was late. Where could he be? Liam rode the ferry home carrying a bouquet of yellow roses for Caitlin thinking about tonight when the woman on the ferry started talking to him. As they approached the docks, Liam went to help tie off, and he slipped. So unlike Liam. Now he remembers nothing of his relationship with Caitlin or his research, and seems be be under this new woman's spell. The whole island is wondering what is going on. The Selkie Enchantress is a novel of one woman trying to take for herself what is not hers to take by force, and what happens when a whole town turns out to try to prevent that. Sophie Moss has created a story where the whole island is awash with the paranormal and receptive to it, so when something strange is going on they all rally to the cause.

The Selkie Enchantress is the second book in the Seal Island Trilogy, but it can stand alone on it's own. I have not read the first book and was not hampered in understanding the story at all. Caitlin and Liam are the focus of this book, and although they are sure to have been mentioned in the first as other characters in this book would have been the focus of that book, it is nice to have that continuation. I found all I needed to really know in this book, Sophie Moss did a wonderful job in allowing this book to stand on it's own and not depend on the other books so much that you had to have read them all to understand the story. This is a great book for adults who want to add a little Irish folklore and legends or myths to their romance. It is a well written and delightful story for all readers.

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Seal Island Trilogy
Book One - The Selkie Spell                 Amazon Link
Book Two - The Selkie Enchantress       Amazon Link
Book Three - The Selkie Sorceress        Amazon Link

The Belgrave Daughter (The Belgrave Legacy, #1) by Zara Hoffman BOOK REVIEW

The Belgrave Daughter (The Belgrave Legacy, #1)The Belgrave Daughter 
The Belgrave Legacy, Book One
by Zara Hoffman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Fawn and her twin brother Alec are turning sixteen. They come from a long line of witches but only Fawn will become a witch. She is the seventh generation, and there is a prophecy that she will save the world. Of course you know this means that Lucifer wants her, so he approaches God with a bargain, if I can turn her bad she's mine. God see a way to save someone else's soul in the process and agrees. Enter Caleb, an angel of Lucifer that is assigned to seduce Fawn, but nothing goes according to plan. The Belgrave Daughter is the story of family and love, of trust and redemption, of sacrifice and faith. Lucifer may be the great trickster, but he is up against more than he bargained for in the Belgrave family, because when you attack the daughter, you get the whole family. Zara Hoffman does an amazing job of conveying the emotions and feelings of the characters in a true sense, making them feel like something you or a friend might have actually experienced.

The Belgrave Daughter is set to be the first is a series called the Belgrave Legacy, so there is the promise of seeing these characters again in future books. The characters easily and quickly become part of you and you want to help them, to hold their hands and tell them what to do. I know that I cried right along with Fawn throughout the book. Zara Hoffman writes like she has been there and that these are her own experiences, so they feel real. You can relate to the characters. This is a young adult novel, and I felt it was perfectly suited for teens and young adults. I feel adults would even enjoy the novel as I did. I have no problem passing this book on to my own teenage daughter to read.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

To Tempt An Angel (Douglas Trilogy, #1) by Patricia Grasso BOOK REVIEW

To Tempt An Angel (Douglas, #1)To Tempt An Angel
The Douglas Trilogy, Book One
by Patricia Grasso

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angelica may cheat at cards and dice, but she still tries to hold herself as a lady. It's not her fault that her family is in ruins and that she must tempt fate to support them. Robert, on the other hand may be her undoing. He is handsome and charming and she is mesmerized by him, but who is he really, and can he really help her.

As historical romance unfolds you will find that everything is not always as it appears. The people you thought did you wrong, may not have had anything to do with it at all, and the people you thought might have done something to you might have just been victims.

This is a sweet and fun romance, with the notice that it is the first in a series, so I would expect the next books to follow the younger sisters of Angelica, which would be nice. Especially if we get to check in on this family every now and again too.

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Urbino unexpectedly by Maria Chiara Marsciani BOOK REVIEW

Urbino unexpectedlyUrbino unexpectedly
by Maria Chiara Marsciani

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite .

Is it good enough to go through life doing the right thing and never causing your parents any problems? Even if you aren't happy with the choices that you are making, can you live a good life making other people happy? Clara is in law school only because she thought it was what her parents wanted her to do. Her father is a surgeon and not the type to express his feelings to her. Her mother is a socialite bent on keeping Clara doing edxactly as she says. One night, out with friends Clara met Leonardo, a doctor and it is love from the start. They begin dating, and he allows her to be who she is, never telling her what to do or what to think. As Urbino, Unexpectedly continues on Clara finds herself answering first questions and coming into her own. At the same time realizing that having Leonardo, who is not telling her what to do in her life is the best thing she has ever had. Maria Chiara Marsciani gives the reader a story of love and self-discovery, parental control and breaking free all wrapped in the beauty of Italy.

Urbino, Unexpectedly confronts the dysfunctional family that Clara has been raised in, but also some of the friendships that she has allowed herself that have fed off her family relationship. As she becomes stronger, her grandmother is the one person who cheers her in this, but at the same time you see grandma relaxing and saying, "finally, my work is done". Maria Chiara Marciani gives the reader a complex story with a number of different veins. Some of the characters are quite shallow, but the main characters are good and have some qualities that make you want to read and see what happens. This is a women's story, and would even be good for a book club discussion.

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I get a number of my books from Reader's Favorite, and my agreement with them is that I will not post anything below a four star review.  So most of what you see on the blog are the four and five star reviews.

That's a good thing in that you know when you come to this blog you are going to get only good books, but what about the not so good books. I have been thinking about it for some time, and I have decided to just keep a list of the books that I do not post reviews on.  These are the books that I feel are a three star or lower.

The Black, the White and the Grinning Grey   by: Jessica Reeves
Immortalibus Bella                                     by: S. L. Figuhr
An Emerging Threat (Seeker's Burden Series, 1)   by:  Mark E. Lein
Under the Amaranth Skies                           by: R. McIlwraith

Hildof and the Seven Given Souls - Book 1 by Abraham Mehmet BOOK REVIEW

Hildof and the Seven Given Souls - Book 1Hildof and the Seven Given Souls - Book 1
by Abraham Mehmet

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Leon has grown up in the Village of Hildof with his six best friends never thinking that life could be any different than what it is now. One day the village is invaded by Mudgies and all the parents are taken to the Castle of Calibar to be slaves. The children were in the woodss and were saved, and a wizard named Tildor finds them and tells them a wonderful story. Leon is really the Prince of Calibar and it is his destiny to save the world. The seven friends embark on a journey to rescue their parents and save the world from th evil sorceress Savina. Along with Tildor, they met another great wizard Randoff who gives them guidance. When Leon is offered great power to save the world, he requests that it be split among the seven friends. Abraham Mehmet and Pinar Hakki have written a story that will inspire and encourage children who have the chance to read Hildof and the Seven Given Souls.

Hildof and the Seven Given Souls is not just a great adventure story that will attract young boys and girls to read it. There is so much more in this story. The value of friendship and everyone standing together against a foe instead of just one person, the power in numbers, that one person is not more important than the others, and that Light is the ultimate and can overcome any darkness and evil. Abraham Mehmet and Pinar Hakki did a wonderful job merging these values and ideals into a story that is still interesting enough to capture the attention of children. I would love to recommend this book to my own daughter's fourth grade class, they would love it. I think it would be perfect for any classroom with lots of teaching moments in the book.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wraithsong - Desirable Creatures Series, Book I by E.J. Squires BOOK REVIEW

Wraithsong - Desirable Creatures Series, Book IWraithsong -
 Desirable Creatures Series, Book I 
by E.J. Squires

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's her senior year in high school, yet Sonia isn't quite looking forward to the end of school like she thought she would. He mother has hinted that they are traveling to Wisconsin, of all places, but she won't tell Sonia anything more. Now she has to spend time working with a gardener at school after classes. Not what see wants to do, but she earned her punishment expect it turns out this gardener is another senior, and a good looking male at that. As Sonia and Anthony find themselves attracted to each other mysteries of another generation and realm come crashing down on them.
Sonia is a Huldra, and she comes into her full powers on her eighteenth birthday. All the sudden her mom has disappeared. Anthony and Sonia share what knowledge they can and work together to find her mom. Maureen, who is Anthony's mom is the one who has Hedda, maybe. It seems that Maureen wants Sonia to think Anthony is the bad guy, and Layla thinks Anthony is the bad guy, and Olaf is acting the bad guy? What is a young girl to do?
This is a touchy and heartfelt story of an innocent and pure relationship between Anthony and Sonia that they were neither looking for, but were afraid of and had been told to avoid. Yet the love that they have sets a beacon and shining light for all in the story and for all who read. It is not a story of physical love, but of a true emotional and caring connection made. It is in such sharp contrast to the ruthless manipulation of Maureen and the world today, that it is shocking at times, hard to understand at others and a clear as black and white still at other times.
The author E.J. Squires has written a few other books. This is third now that I have read by this author. I am always surprised to find that she has put so much thought, meaning and life into each character that you feel they are real people, not just stories in a book. Not only does she create this characters that you like and you want to read about and you connect with, but she does it with her settings too. The realms in this book, although I did note a couple of the same realms coming up in the books, but the places in America too. She describes everything with such an eye for detail that you can feel like you are there, but yet at the same time, she is able to edit enough that you are not overloaded.
At this point in time, I feel more than comfortable in saying that if I walked into a bookstore and saw this author's name on a book, I wouldn't even have to read the covers, I would buy it straight up. I have read enough to know that I will be pleased with what she writes. Anyone who is looking for a good romance, some Norse mythology and fantasy all mixed together, this is your book. Young and old alike, I even feel more than comfortable allowing my teenage daughter to read this book.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Microchip: The Agenda Is Now by Chey Barnes BOOK REVIEW

Microchip: The Agenda Is NowMicrochip: The Agenda Is Now
by Chey Barnes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reveiwed for +Readers' Favorite .

This generation's version of George Orwell's "1984".  

The world is changing, and ever so quickly. It used to be that everyone used paper money, and you got paid with a paper paycheck. Now it is credit and debit cards and your payroll is direct deposited. What is next? Microchip envisions a future that could easily be only years down the road in where now, everything is done with a mircochip in the hand. For the most part, the world goes along with the idea and complies without really thinking, but this story follows a few different types of people who question this process for different reasons. As each of these people search for a way to escape the law of mircochipping, they find themselves in the same place in Utah. Chey Barnes takes each person and their reasons, explaining them and giving them a place, and then you see what happens when they are all together. This is a science fiction story that hits just a little close to home.

Microchip might be science fiction today, but there are real life facts and information included in the book, and indexed in the back, that will leave you thinking hard about what you read. It's not a warning book, but a story of how different people are dealing with the law and what happens to them, there is a real human element in there. It is also very thought provoking and would be an excellent book for a book club or discussion group. Chey Barnes takes the information and technology of today and advances it only by a few years to give us this story. Although there is family and a little romance in the story, there is more a cautionary spirit that we need to be more careful and thoughtful, not just accepting everything that is handed to us. I think this should be a required reading just as George Orwell's 1984 used to be when I was in high school, this is a newer version of big brother.

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Arielle: Immortal Awakening (Immortal Rapture, #1) by Lilian Roberts BOOK REVIEW

Arielle: Immortal Awakening (Immortal Rapture, #1)Arielle: Immortal Awakening
Immortal Rapture Series, Book One
by Lilian Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite .

Arielle has always been a bit different, she can read the mids of some people. Aside from that, she has searched, never really dating all that much, looking for a prue and true love, one that resembles that in her favorite novel. Sebstain is far from normal and her knows it, but he has spent his entire life looking for the one person her can truly love. While Arielle is on vacation, Sebstain spots her and knows that she is the one, but it takes him almost two months to work up the courage to talk to her. Now he can't imagine life without her, there is only one problem. Arielle is a human and Sebstain is immortal. How will Arielle take the news, and how will Sebstain keep her safe from another immortal that has vowed to destory all he loves? Lilian Roberts gives us a new and differnt paranormal story, no vampires but immortals and blends it with a deep and immediate love story. Arielle Immortal Awakening is the first book in a series that will follow Arielle and Sebastain to hopefully answer the qestions.

Arielle Immortal Awakening is scheduled to be the first book in a series, and be forewarned, it does end on a bit of a teaser, which will have you waiting impatiently for the next book. The idea of immortals has been around in stories with the vampires and other paranormal creatures, but there was always a price to their immortality, with vampires it was blood. That is not the case here, but yet there is a deep ad quick love that develops that results in trust questions only because of the speed in which they fall. Lilian Roberts has done a wonderful job in giving the reader a new look into the paranormal romance genre and this is defintely a book for those who are looking for a heart-stopping romance. Although it is a romance, it could actually be read by young adults as well as adults.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ancasta ~ Guide me Swiftly Home (The Riduna Series, 2) by Diana Jackson BOOK REVIEW

Ancasta ~ Guide me Swiftly Home (Riduna,#2)Ancasta ~ Guide me Swiftly Home
The Riduna Series, 2
by Diana Jackson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Ancasta is the continuation of the family saga that began in Riduna. Harriet is now a widow with four grown children. Edward is still traveling the seas enjoying his freedom. As the world starts to change and a war looms and progress, follow the former childhood friends and sweethearts as they deal with the ravages and realities of war in England. No one is untouched by the war, as Harriet will watch her twin sons both volunteer for service along with her daughter's husband. It will also be a time to reunite with old friends, Jane, that she had lost touch with who will become the steady rock of a friend that Harriet leaned on before she had Joe, and now with Joe gone, Jane will again become that rock. Diana Jackson doesn't pull any pushes with the tragidies and realities of the war and what it was like, still that does not diminish the glow of the story of a family once again facing the idea that dreams change and live goes on.

First Riduna and then Ancasta, these two books follow Harriet and Edward, who always thought their path in life would be together, but the realities of life was that it was not to be, finally in their retirement years are they able to realize that it wasn't them who changed but the world around them and the things than happened to them to make the dreams change. Diana Jackson weaves a story that is real and true and makes you feel that you are right there living it. It is a wonderful mix of the romance and realities of life with some of the technology advances of the historical time period of the novel. It is defintely a novel of moving on and never giving up, any reader will enjoy.

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