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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wraithsong - Desirable Creatures Series, Book I by E.J. Squires BOOK REVIEW

Wraithsong - Desirable Creatures Series, Book IWraithsong -
 Desirable Creatures Series, Book I 
by E.J. Squires

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's her senior year in high school, yet Sonia isn't quite looking forward to the end of school like she thought she would. He mother has hinted that they are traveling to Wisconsin, of all places, but she won't tell Sonia anything more. Now she has to spend time working with a gardener at school after classes. Not what see wants to do, but she earned her punishment expect it turns out this gardener is another senior, and a good looking male at that. As Sonia and Anthony find themselves attracted to each other mysteries of another generation and realm come crashing down on them.
Sonia is a Huldra, and she comes into her full powers on her eighteenth birthday. All the sudden her mom has disappeared. Anthony and Sonia share what knowledge they can and work together to find her mom. Maureen, who is Anthony's mom is the one who has Hedda, maybe. It seems that Maureen wants Sonia to think Anthony is the bad guy, and Layla thinks Anthony is the bad guy, and Olaf is acting the bad guy? What is a young girl to do?
This is a touchy and heartfelt story of an innocent and pure relationship between Anthony and Sonia that they were neither looking for, but were afraid of and had been told to avoid. Yet the love that they have sets a beacon and shining light for all in the story and for all who read. It is not a story of physical love, but of a true emotional and caring connection made. It is in such sharp contrast to the ruthless manipulation of Maureen and the world today, that it is shocking at times, hard to understand at others and a clear as black and white still at other times.
The author E.J. Squires has written a few other books. This is third now that I have read by this author. I am always surprised to find that she has put so much thought, meaning and life into each character that you feel they are real people, not just stories in a book. Not only does she create this characters that you like and you want to read about and you connect with, but she does it with her settings too. The realms in this book, although I did note a couple of the same realms coming up in the books, but the places in America too. She describes everything with such an eye for detail that you can feel like you are there, but yet at the same time, she is able to edit enough that you are not overloaded.
At this point in time, I feel more than comfortable in saying that if I walked into a bookstore and saw this author's name on a book, I wouldn't even have to read the covers, I would buy it straight up. I have read enough to know that I will be pleased with what she writes. Anyone who is looking for a good romance, some Norse mythology and fantasy all mixed together, this is your book. Young and old alike, I even feel more than comfortable allowing my teenage daughter to read this book.

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