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Friday, April 11, 2014

Testing Fate (Mystic Wolves, #3) by Belinda Boring BOOK REVIEW

Testing Fate  (Mystic Wolves, #3)Testing Fate 
The Mystic Wolves, Book Three
by Belinda Boring

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Darcy and Mason and ready for their wedding. They have been engaged for almost a year, as required by the council and once they get through with Amber's trial it will be time for their wedding. They are ready for some good after the trouble they have had recently. Only problem, Amber is not about to go away quietly. She has one more trick up her sleeve at the trial, she claims that Darcy tampered with fate.

The fates are called to the trial to answer the question of whether Darcy tampered with them and her meeting of Mason. She did not, but one of the fates did promote the meeting between Darcy and Mason. Darcy and Mason are whisked off to the land of the fates and their they are told they will have to be tested to prove that the tampering by the fate did not change anything. Even though they did nothing wrong. They agree and the testing begins.

The testing wipes away their memories and they have to fight through some challenges without knowing why they were sent there to fight for. Even though neither can remember what they are fighting for, they know it has to be big if they are doing this test, so they push on and survive. On to the wedding, which of course can not go smoothly!

This whole series has been a testament to the power and strength of true love. Mason and Darcy have been able to overcome any thing and everything that has been thrown at them, and their love and trust in one another has not been shaken. Remember this is a couple that still has not consummated their relationship, they haven't taken it to that level and yet they have a stronger relationship than most relationship today.

I have related to the characters. I have felt for them and with them. I have cried and laughed. I have screamed with joy and pain. This has been an all encompassing story in these three books to date that I am happy to have read and can't wait to continue.

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