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Monday, April 7, 2014

To Tempt An Angel (Douglas Trilogy, #1) by Patricia Grasso BOOK REVIEW

To Tempt An Angel (Douglas, #1)To Tempt An Angel
The Douglas Trilogy, Book One
by Patricia Grasso

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angelica may cheat at cards and dice, but she still tries to hold herself as a lady. It's not her fault that her family is in ruins and that she must tempt fate to support them. Robert, on the other hand may be her undoing. He is handsome and charming and she is mesmerized by him, but who is he really, and can he really help her.

As historical romance unfolds you will find that everything is not always as it appears. The people you thought did you wrong, may not have had anything to do with it at all, and the people you thought might have done something to you might have just been victims.

This is a sweet and fun romance, with the notice that it is the first in a series, so I would expect the next books to follow the younger sisters of Angelica, which would be nice. Especially if we get to check in on this family every now and again too.

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