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Friday, April 11, 2014

Doctor's Orders: Remote Control(2) by Chloe Cox EROTICA BOOK REVIEW

Remote Control (Doctor's Orders, #2)Doctor's Orders:
Remote Control (2)
by Chloe Cox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is labeled as EROTICA. Please do not read this review if you are not comfortable with that type of book.

Claire is unhappy with life when she receives and invitation to meet with the Doctor. After her first appointment, which was chronicled in the short story titled The Exam (available free at her second appointment is chronicled in this book.

Again Claire is asked questions, what is she scared of? What makes her nervous? And of course the Doctor gives her a a quest that will test her and push her to do things that force her to overcome those fears and nervousness.

The plays off the first book, and it really is something that needs to be read as a whole in the series. It presents a full story when all put together.

It's romance and erotica, but it is pushing the boundaries and overcoming fear. Making ourselves better people, in this example using the sexual but it is just the same in the rest of life.

Something off the normal path of reading for a change.

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