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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wilding Heart (Faery Tail #3) by Deborah McNemar BOOK REVIEW

Wilding HeartWilding Heart
Faery Tail #3
by Deborah McNemar

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Carradoc is tired and lonely, he his the son of the King of Death, and he has spent a lifetime on his own. It is time for him to die, but he has one last month to see if he can find someone strong enough to fight his father to save him. He travels to New York to visit his cousin Damien and is allowed to stay with him while he is there. Melody is a waitress and friend of Damien's, but before Carradoc finds that out he saves her from a mugging. She is instantly attracted to him, which he finds strange, most people want nothing to do with him. A sudden kidnapping of them both throws everything in the air. Wilding Heart is the story of Carradoc and Melody, as he tries to safely get her home to her own realm, while she allows her self to fall in love with the Heir to the Throne of Death without regard for who is his, but for what he is. Deborah McNemar blends a touching romance story, innocent and beautiful with a fight to save the Faery Realms and as an added bonus follows other characters in the realm as well.

Wilding Heart may be the love story of Carradoc and Melody, but they are not the only to people in the world. There is Carradoc's cousin Damien and his love Etne, who end up in this because of their connections to both Carradoc and Melody. Then there are the Faery Courts and areas they travel through and visit on their journey. You see their story as well and others. Deborah McNemar weaves and exciting tale of love and strength, and of how heart can be stronger than body. Carradoc was in search of someone strong, he thought is meant warrior strong. There is a beauty and innocence to the story of Carradoc and Melody that you don't find very often. Anyone, young or old, who is looking for a faery book, or a romance, or just something to make them feel good about the world again, then this is the book for you. It will touch you with it's tale and make you believe in the goodness of people once again.

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