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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Selkie Enchantress (Seal Island Trilogy, #2) by Sophie Moss BOOK REVIEW

The Selkie Enchantress (Seal Island Trilogy #2)The Selkie Enchantress 
The Seal Island Trilogy, Book Two
by Sophie Moss

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Caitlin has loved Liam since they were kids, but the timing has never been right for them. Finally, things looked to be turning their way at Tara and Dominick's wedding. Tonight was to be their first official date, she made a special dinner and wore a dress, but he was late. Where could he be? Liam rode the ferry home carrying a bouquet of yellow roses for Caitlin thinking about tonight when the woman on the ferry started talking to him. As they approached the docks, Liam went to help tie off, and he slipped. So unlike Liam. Now he remembers nothing of his relationship with Caitlin or his research, and seems be be under this new woman's spell. The whole island is wondering what is going on. The Selkie Enchantress is a novel of one woman trying to take for herself what is not hers to take by force, and what happens when a whole town turns out to try to prevent that. Sophie Moss has created a story where the whole island is awash with the paranormal and receptive to it, so when something strange is going on they all rally to the cause.

The Selkie Enchantress is the second book in the Seal Island Trilogy, but it can stand alone on it's own. I have not read the first book and was not hampered in understanding the story at all. Caitlin and Liam are the focus of this book, and although they are sure to have been mentioned in the first as other characters in this book would have been the focus of that book, it is nice to have that continuation. I found all I needed to really know in this book, Sophie Moss did a wonderful job in allowing this book to stand on it's own and not depend on the other books so much that you had to have read them all to understand the story. This is a great book for adults who want to add a little Irish folklore and legends or myths to their romance. It is a well written and delightful story for all readers.

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