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Friday, April 11, 2014


Okay, so I just posted the four best EROTICA book reviews that I had, and I am NOT going to fill the blog with all kinds of erotica books. I normally don't read them, but I was given a number to review, and I did. Then I was told, you know there are a blue million of them for free on so I got a few to review, but I don't want them to take over.  So I am listing them all here!

The full reviews are all listed on the Goodreads site, and I will provide a link to that review with each book.  If you click on the book title, that will take you to the Goodreads review.  Be warned they are short reviews because there is not much you can say with some of these without telling the whole story.

I'm going to list the title and the author, then the star rating that I gave it.

Let me just say this now, that there are few high star ratings. I was looking for a story, not just simple encounter, but something that has something to back up the encounter.  The lower stars the more just single events or encounters. If there is a higher star rating that probably means there was a real story to it and it took a bit to read.  If I found a real, true book and long story I will probably review them separately. 

Dominating Vanessa              by:  Audrey Black                               ***
Office Toy                            by:  Cleo Peitsche                               ***
Hannah's Choice                    by:  Selena Kitt                                  ***
Bent over Screaming              by:  Lily Green                                    ***
Forcing Corinne                     by:  Rachel Nixx                                  ***
Football Party, I                    by:  M. L. Patricks                                **
Football Party, II                   by:  M. L. Patricks                               **
Well, I Sure Love It               by:  Reese Cantwell                             **
Backwoods Bound                  by: Coyote Rose                                  **
Bad Moon, 1                         by: Jackie Sexton                                 ***
Taken as Payment                 by: Lacey King                                     ***
Breeding for Him                   by: Layla Bangs                                   ***
Kaitlin Breeds with Daddy      by: Sonia Robinson                               **
Stranger on a Hiking Trail       by: Cassandra Zara                              ***
Wolfman Fantasies               by:  Sookie Sabre                                  *

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