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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rise of the Dunamy by James R. Landrum BOOK REVIEW

Rise of the DunamyRise of the Dunamy 
by James R. Landrum

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Move over Lestat and Edward, there is a whole new breed in town!

Sofia came from Columbia with her parents and has always wanted to make a difference. She saw the corruption where she came from and wanted to be there for the people, so she became a cop, and she is a really good cop, but she is rigid in her definition of right and wrong. Now she is working what seems to be an unsolvable set of case, all linked by vigilante justice. All the victim were well known criminals that had gotten off, escaped charges or beat the system somehow. Bishop, her much older partner isn't sure they need to work too hard to solve this case, he's doing their job for them. This really ticks Sofia off. At the same time as she is messed up in this case, Sofia starts up a whirlwind relationship with the medical examiner, Lucian. Rise of the Dunamy introduces us to a new hero, not your typical strong man, or vampire or werewolf but something a little different and maybe just a little more sexy in a genuis kind of way. James R. Landrum puts together a story with multiple layers so perfectly that you are left wanting more.

Rise of the Dunamy brings a new hero, a breed called the Dunamy, and you are just going to have to read the book to find out about them, but they are genius sexy. So you take this new breed of hero, and toss him with a super straight-laced cop and what do you get? Well to begin with you get a super quick and exciting romance, then you get the ethical questions. There are a couple of layers of ethical questions that goes back and forth, and there is really sound backing for each point. James R. Landrum is a master at taking the conversations of the characters and developing them to much deeper levels, to really get the characters talking about ethics and right vs. wrong. This is an amazingly well written book that I just could not put down, and when I finished I wanted more! All readers will enjoy this book from young adult to mature adult.

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