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Monday, April 7, 2014

Urbino unexpectedly by Maria Chiara Marsciani BOOK REVIEW

Urbino unexpectedlyUrbino unexpectedly
by Maria Chiara Marsciani

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Is it good enough to go through life doing the right thing and never causing your parents any problems? Even if you aren't happy with the choices that you are making, can you live a good life making other people happy? Clara is in law school only because she thought it was what her parents wanted her to do. Her father is a surgeon and not the type to express his feelings to her. Her mother is a socialite bent on keeping Clara doing edxactly as she says. One night, out with friends Clara met Leonardo, a doctor and it is love from the start. They begin dating, and he allows her to be who she is, never telling her what to do or what to think. As Urbino, Unexpectedly continues on Clara finds herself answering first questions and coming into her own. At the same time realizing that having Leonardo, who is not telling her what to do in her life is the best thing she has ever had. Maria Chiara Marsciani gives the reader a story of love and self-discovery, parental control and breaking free all wrapped in the beauty of Italy.

Urbino, Unexpectedly confronts the dysfunctional family that Clara has been raised in, but also some of the friendships that she has allowed herself that have fed off her family relationship. As she becomes stronger, her grandmother is the one person who cheers her in this, but at the same time you see grandma relaxing and saying, "finally, my work is done". Maria Chiara Marciani gives the reader a complex story with a number of different veins. Some of the characters are quite shallow, but the main characters are good and have some qualities that make you want to read and see what happens. This is a women's story, and would even be good for a book club discussion.

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