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Monday, April 7, 2014

Hildof and the Seven Given Souls - Book 1 by Abraham Mehmet BOOK REVIEW

Hildof and the Seven Given Souls - Book 1Hildof and the Seven Given Souls - Book 1
by Abraham Mehmet

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Leon has grown up in the Village of Hildof with his six best friends never thinking that life could be any different than what it is now. One day the village is invaded by Mudgies and all the parents are taken to the Castle of Calibar to be slaves. The children were in the woodss and were saved, and a wizard named Tildor finds them and tells them a wonderful story. Leon is really the Prince of Calibar and it is his destiny to save the world. The seven friends embark on a journey to rescue their parents and save the world from th evil sorceress Savina. Along with Tildor, they met another great wizard Randoff who gives them guidance. When Leon is offered great power to save the world, he requests that it be split among the seven friends. Abraham Mehmet and Pinar Hakki have written a story that will inspire and encourage children who have the chance to read Hildof and the Seven Given Souls.

Hildof and the Seven Given Souls is not just a great adventure story that will attract young boys and girls to read it. There is so much more in this story. The value of friendship and everyone standing together against a foe instead of just one person, the power in numbers, that one person is not more important than the others, and that Light is the ultimate and can overcome any darkness and evil. Abraham Mehmet and Pinar Hakki did a wonderful job merging these values and ideals into a story that is still interesting enough to capture the attention of children. I would love to recommend this book to my own daughter's fourth grade class, they would love it. I think it would be perfect for any classroom with lots of teaching moments in the book.

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