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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Moonshadows by Claude Dancourt BOOK REVIEW

by Claude Dancourt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Mira had her life all planned out until the night of a chance mugging turned it all upside down. The after effects of the so-called mugging left her a werecat, and one who did not want to be one, who ran out on her life, and was searching for a way to make it all go away. Erik was sure he had the perfect life until he returned home from a conference to find Mira gone, now after a year he has finally traced her down. He is determined to find some answers as to why she left. As Erik returns to her life, mira learns more about her werecat, finding out for the first time that she is only a cub, not a full-grown attack monster she thought she was. Knowing this her and Erik work together to uncover more information, the only problem a full grown werecat gone bad is hunting Mira. Moonshadows tells the werecat legend in the Native American tradition, and that is where Erik and Mira will need to look to find the information and help she needs. Claude Dancourt has written a story mixing a good vs evil theme, with the werecat and romance; a tricky balance to say the least.

Moonshadows is a bit of a different take on the werecat story, this time coming from the veiw of a person who was turned without their knowledge or constent and how they are fighting to find a way out of this. At the same time there is the story of the good and the evil, Mira never realizing that there could be a good to this, and the fight between them. Mixed in the middle of it all is the romance between Mira and Erik that was torn apart by the actions of one night that forever changed Mira's life and her belief that Erik could never accept it. Calude Dancourt does a good job of weaving this different threads into a cohesive story that makes since. If you are a fan of the paranormal genre this is another great book that will give you another look into the life.

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