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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Destiny Revealed (The Destiny Trilogy) by Cris Pasqueralle BOOK REVIEW

Destiny Revealed (The Destiny Trilogy)Destiny Revealed 
The Destiny Trilogy
by Cris Pasqueralle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Jack and Maddie are read to celebrate their 13th birthday, their parents are a little nervous because they have a great deal to tell them. When the day comes, just as they are about to find out and their parents start to talk, evil magicians sweep in and kidnap Mom and Dad. Uncle Benny takes Jack and Annie to the magic realm, and it becomes a little much for them to handle. While they are natural talents for the magic, Jack wants nothing to do with it, he just wants to find his parents and go home, or back to what he thought was home. Maddie isn't sure what to think, but she is thinking that this is suppose to be there home, and for a close as they are, they begin to bicker. The embark on the journey to find and rescue their parents. Destiny Revealed to the children is not the way their parents wanted, and they find there is a prophecy about them, and this makes Jack even madder. Cris Pasqueralle does a good job of using new and different ideas to set this magic revealed novel apart from others.

Destiny Revealed at first seems to be just another magic child that never knew they were magic, but it is different. This is a set of twins, their parents are alive, and it is much more of a true nature magic than a wizard magic. Cris Pasqueralle has written a new story in a familiar genre that feels different and fun to read. Although I will say that at times in the book, I really wanted give one of the characters a time out. This is definitely a great book for the preteen and teen set seeing as the main characters are just turning 13. Those readers will be able to relate best to the material, and not get the mom feelings of wanting to send someone to time out.

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