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Monday, April 21, 2014

Secrets (The Hero Chronicles, #1) by Tim Mettey BOOK REVIEW

The Hero Chronicles, Book One
by Tim Mettey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Nicholas has moved at the end of summer every year that he has lived with his Aunt since his parents death. It's just part of his life, not that he likes it, but that is the way his Aunt says it has to be, and he has to keep from making friends or talking too much about himself. This time they move closer to his old hometown, the first time they have come back this way since they left, and things are beginning to change. He falls for a girl, and wants to form relationships for the first time, but his Aunt is still cautious but allows him more this time around. Only problem, strange things are happening. Tim Mettey takes the concept of a hero, adds some paranormal and a world in flux after a huge natural disaster to create a story that you want to be part of. Secrets starts out this series with the knowledge that there is a great deal in the world that Nicholas doesn't know about, and now is apparently the time for him to find out about a number of those.

Recently hero books seem to be all the rage, but this book is different. Nicholas is considered a hero by a number of people, but he doesn't think that way. He thinks he is a normal teenager, which gives this a different vibe. Nicholas is not a cocky kid, but a true humble and confused teenager and that is part of what makes Secrets a wonderful book. Secrets is the first book in the Hero Chronicles series that Tim Mettey has created. This book will pull you in and remind you of high school if you are an adult, but be so relate-able to the young adult and teen market. The paranormal slant to the book gives it a new and different vibe, but at the same time I could easily see Nicholas fitting into our local high school. I found this to be a easy to relate to novel that drew me in. I love it for the young adult and teen market, in fact will gladly share it with my teens at home. This is definitely worth the time to read.

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