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Friday, April 11, 2014

Forget Me Not (Mystic Wolves, #2) by Belinda Boring BOOK REVIEW

Forget Me Not (Mystic Wolves, #2)Forget Me Not
Mystic Wolves, Book Two
by Belinda Boring

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mason and Darcy are having a romantic dinner at home alone when there is a knock at the door. Enter a woman who claims to be Mason's betrothed and is a bit of a, well bitch. Mason quickly sets the record straight in that it was an arranged marriage between her father and his, and it was not upheld by the council. Now she wants refugee with the Mystic Wolves. This sounds like nothing but problems.

The next morning Daniel, Mason's best friend and second in charge sits Darcy down and tells her how things were when Amber was around the first tie, what she was like and what happened to drive her off. Of course not everyone in the pack got to see that side of her, but enough did.

This is the second book in the Mystic Wolves series, and the amazing romance between Darcy and Mason that was started in the first continues and grows in this book. Usually when an ex or former flame shows up, there is doubt or questions in the romance, but that is not the case with Darcy and Mason, they seem to know that what they have is so deep and so real, and they are not afraid of her, they just grow stronger with everything she throws at them.

The so enjoy the way that the author is able to build a romance that is not built on sex alone, but on a true emotional and mental connection. These two are soul mates if I ever saw a pair of soulmates, and they give hope that every one out there has a soul mate out there meant just for them.

The book is not marketed as young adult, but with the purity until marriage theme, I am comfortable allowing my teenage daughter to read it. Having said that, there are a couple of her friends of the same age that I would not want to read this book, the maturity level of the reader is something that would have to be addressed.

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