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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wildflower by: Janine Carbone BOOK REVIEW

by Janine Carbone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Michelle Randall for +Readers' Favorite .

Faith is determined to make it through college without getting close to anyone, and so far she has made it to her junior year with only her freshman dorm mate, Casey. This year is going to be different, Jason is determined to get to know the beautiful girl running on the track. Faith has had a rough upbringing and Jason will have to break through her walls. Professor Jillian has been there all through the years to encourage and help Faith try to take a few steps out into the world and out from behind her walls, and as her relationship with Jason blossoms, she will encourage her even more. At the same time, repressed memories of her childhood will start to haunt Faith. Janine Carbone does a wonderful job of mixing a number of ideas and storylines into one larger story. Wildflower will get darker yet before it gets brighter with the addition of a serial rapist on campus.

Janine Carbone has mixed a coming of age story, with a mystery story and a romance story to come up with a wonderful story that blends the elements and makes the whole story greater than the sum of the parts. Wildflower is prefect name for the book, but you will need to read until the very end to understand the meaning of the name. This book is definitely a young adult book, but adults and even younger readers will get something from the story. Aside from the mention of the rapist, there is no other sexual situations in the book, which is nice for a book these days.

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     " Hi Michelle:
       Thank you for the wonderful review of "Wildflower"! I loved it so much that I placed it on my personal website, social media accounts and on the back cover of the book!
                                            - Janine"
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