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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Aizai the Forgotten: The Soul Wanderers, Book 1 by Mary-Jean Harris

Aizai the ForgottenAizai the Forgotten: The Soul Wanderers, Book 1 
by Mary-Jean Harris

My rating: 4.4 of 5 stars

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As a young man, Wolfdon has spent years reading everything he could get his hands on, especially anything that might mention something about a forgotten place named Aizai. Finally he has found a book, but before he can uncover the secrets wax is spilled and he decides to venture out anyway. Wolfdon's journey to Aizai and what he learns there about himself and life is the basis for the story Aizai The Forgotten: The Soul Wanderers, Book 1. Author +Mary-Jean Harris gives the reader a wonderful mix of a coming of age, fantasy story about a place in another dimension, or another time. What makes this story so fabulously different is that the whole of the story is originally set in the historical past of the 1700's! The idea that anyone at that time period was thinking about convergences and portals to another dimension makes the story that much more intriguing.

Aizai The Forgotten is another land, another time, possibly the future, or another dimension depending on how you interrupt the story. Wolfdon is the main character and he is someone that you can easily like and get behind. Someone alone in the world, yet he finds a purpose in looking for Aizai and a place in Aizai. He also finds a purpose in Aizai. Author Mary-Jean Harris has written a wonderful story that is great for all ages of readers. There is no sex, no major violence, there is a fight but it's not depicted in violence so it would be good for even young kids to read. I found the book encouraging for readers and think there are many pluses in the story!

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