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Friday, June 3, 2016

The 13th Descent (Book One - The Rosefire Trilogy) by Ky Lehman

The 13th Descent (Rosefire Trilogy, #1)The 13th Descent - Book One: The Rosefire Trilogy
by Ky Lehman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Life isn't perfect, in fact far from it since her mom and Nanna died, but Ren thinks it's pretty normal. For a teenager, she has her best friend Mike, school and family, if only Georige Pa would stop drinking. Even though the bizarre deaths of her mom and Nanna, don't have Ren thinking too much, until her Aunt pulls her out of school with the news that her mom is really alive. That alone is enough to turn your world upside down, but follow that with the knowledge that you have lived before, and you have a job to do coupled with the fact that there are people out there wanting you dead. Well, now that is just a little much for a teenager to take in one afternoon. Author Ky Lehman has woven a wonderful tapestry that is the story of the past and present, the battle of good over evil and light over dark. The 13th Descent is the first book in what will become The Rosefire Trilogy, and it starts off with a bang.

The 13th Descent is set to begin The Rosefire Trilogy, and as such you expect to have a lot of background in this book, but the way that author Ky Lehman has written the tale, the background you need comes from the characters themselves, as they remember their past lives, how they worked then and what they are to do now. It doesn't come across as too much, it comes across as part of the story and feels right. By the time you reach the end you are wanting that next book to continue the story, to see what is next because you have gotten to know and like the characters and their connections to each other. This is a good book for readers of all ages, no sex, violence and very little language.

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