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Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Darkest Legacy: Hints of Betrayal (Book One Omnibus) by Jennifer Lynn Catz

The Darkest Legacy (Betrayal, #1)The Darkest Legacy: Hints of Betrayal (Book One Omnibus) 
by Jennifer Lynn Catz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Cara is your normal teenage girl, popular, on the dance team at school and an average student. Or at least that is what she has always thought. After a car accident left her in the hospital, she is finally back at school and ready for life to get back to the regular, normal routine but it seems that nothing is going to be normal. Her mom, Maria, seems to be acting weird, paranoid in some ways and then there are these bizarre headaches that knock her flat. One morning Cara wakes up to find nobody home, but that doesn't concern her, she thinks that her sister is at school and Mom at a meeting, until the noisy neighbor comes over and things take a bizarre turn. Turns out her family is kidnapped and she has to find them! The Darkest Legacy: Hints of Betrayal (Book One Omnibus) starts with us getting to know Cara, and at times she is a spoiled brat that has no concept of anyone or anything but herself. As the story progresses we see Cara grow as she learns secret after secret about the world and her own family. Author Jennifer Lynn Catz creates a story of good vs evil, white magic vs dark magic, but weaves it into a coming-of-age, young girl realizing her own worth and losing her brattiness.

The Darkest Legacy: Hints of Betrayal is set to be the first book in a series, and it really is a set up book. Most of the book is background, Cara fighting the neighbor who turns out to be so much more, and creating a context. For someone to have so much responsibility of the future on their shoulders, Cara is not what you would pick as a heroine. In fact, she is probably the opposite and so there is a lot that she must learn and go through, and this first book sets up the transformation that may or may not come in the future. Author Jennifer Lynn Catz gives you a sometimes comical story of a young girl coming to terms with truths she has never thought possible before. It is so well written and engaging that you are through with the book before you realize it. This is a great read for all ages, there is some language but it is typical teenage stuff.

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