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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Death's Angel (Lost Angel's, Book 3) by Heather Killough-Walden

Death's Angel (The Lost Angels, #3)Death's Angel (Lost Angel's, Book 3) 
by Heather Killough-Walden

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Azrael is suppose to be his brother Gabriel's best man at his wedding to his beloved archess, Juliette, but it is taking every once of control he has learned to master over the thousands of years on earth to keep in that spot. Nothing prepared him for the sensation of looking across the isle at the maid of honor and seeing his archess.

Sophie is obsessing over Azrael, at least that is what she thinks it is. She doesn't understand that she is an archess because she hasn't come into her powers yet. She has also had a very rough life and she doesn't feel that she is worthy of being an archess or even of being loved, or thought of as pretty. She has no idea how beautiful she really is, and no idea the turmoil she is causing Azrael.

Azrael spends most of the service using his Vampire powers to read her mind and memories, and what he finds alarms him. When Gabe and Jules found each other, they realized that each archess life experience was tied to each archangel, so since Gabriel was the Messenger angel, sometimes known for rebirth or reincarnation Jules had to go through a number of horrible lives with only one or two of her powers and face terrible deaths until she found Gabe. With Azrael being the Angel of Death, everyone was worried about the life that his archess would have had to go through, so Az felt it was ok to go through her mind. What he finds alarms him, and he wants to take things very slow with her.

Problems arise when the Adarian's appear and make their knowledge of Sophie known. Az calles out his legions of vampires to watch over Sophie. Over the years Az, being the very first vampire, has turned a number of people, and everyone is of Az's bloodline, they all look to Az as their leader or King. What no one realizes until later is that there are some new players in town, even older than the Adarian's, who thought they were the first. Oops. Seems like everyone has a grudge out against the "Favored Four".

Really? Az was next, but then again I should have know that Michael would be last, as he was the favorite of the favorites. Then again this was such a good book because we knew it from the start, I mean Az and Sophie met at the wedding of Gabe and Jules in the end of the last book! So this just picked up from there at a run, and I do mean a run. It was fast!

So much going on, so much to do and so much to get together. Things with the Adarian's are getting a little scary, in that Kevin might be going slightly crazy. Personally I have always thought he was off his rocker, but now others are starting to think it too, and that is a big change from them blindly following him. Then there are the new players! I love reading those stories! Of course Sam is still around, and no one know what the hee-haw he is up to. In fact, Sam in a little too quiet for my liking.

Well, I have now read all three of the books that my library has, so I have to go and download the rest, which I am doing now because I must finish the series! I have to know more! I really have to finish the series. i'm just debating on going back and picking up the prequel first and then finish or finishing and then going back.

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