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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Isobel (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 6) by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka

Isobel (Dark Warrior Alliance, #6)Isobel (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 6) 
by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka

My rating: 4 of 5 stars (This is closer to a 4.75, but I can only pick a 4 or a 5)

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When you are the Vampire Queen and you are pregnant, nothing goes according to the normal schedule! Just as the Dark Warriors were settling back into life after Rhys recent trip to the underworld, Elise goes into labor and the next generation of Dark Warriors is born in Isobel. The goddess Morrigan appears to Zander and Elise after her birth to let them know that she is a very special child, and they need a guardian angel for her. Good thing Rhys' mate is an angel and can take care of calling for her guardian. Of course, even that cant be easy when Isobel's guardian turns out to be Elise's murdered first husband. Authors +Brenda Trim  and Tami Julka do not disappoint, they weave the next generation into the currently generation flawlessly and still give us adventure and trials. Isobel (Dark Warrior Alliance book 6) is a bridge between what happened in book five and the future, yet at the same time you can read this book without reading the others.

Isobel, even though it is the sixth book, stands on its own and just carries the story on from the end of book five. The author team of Brenda Trim and Tami Julka do a fabulous job of making the books flow seamlessly from one to the next, yet at the same time allowing them to stand on their own if readers haven't read the whole series. Of course, once I read one of the books, I knew I was going to have to read the rest of the series. This is still an adult novel, romance, sex and violence are there, but they all have a purpose, it is not violent just for the sake of being violent. Hidden in the fabric of the romance and life stories is a gem of a moral that can be applied to life.

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