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Friday, November 11, 2016

Myth and Magic by Mae Clair

Myth and MagicMyth and Magic
by Mae Clair

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Coldcreek is your typical small town, with the one ultra wealthy family who tries to take care of everything in the town, with some people liking it and others disgruntled.Stone Willow Lodge in Coldcreek is a pet project of the Breckwood family, but lately things haven't been going according to plan. Lodge manager Veronica Kent, it being taunted and haunted. Caith is a private investigator and a Breckwood, even though he has changed his name, he has scars of his own that haven't healed. The family calls him in to find out what is going on at Stone Willow Lodge, and in the process he is forced to confront his past and the tragedy that shaped his life. Myth and Magic doesn't have any traditonal magic going on, just the chemistry between Roni and Caith, but it explains the childhoods of the friends. Author Mae Clair writes a compelling novel that has you crying and laughing all the way to the end.

Myth and Magic, as a title, had me expecting more paranormal in the story, but it is more a feeling, and upbringing, a way of life in a small town that was once idyllic but turned tragic due to greed. Money is the root of all evil it has been said, and that is the root of all that is evil in this story as well. Author Mae Clair weaves a realistic story that you can imagine being lifted from the headlines of the current newspaper. That realism adds to the magic of the story and has you turning pages as fast as you can to see what happens. Can the wounds of years ago be healed and a family rebuilt? You'll have to read for yourself to find out.

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