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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Witch's Daughter (The Irish Witch's Series, Book 2) by Leigh Ann Edwards

The Witch's Daughter (The Irish Witch Series Book 2)The Witch's Daughter (The Irish Witch's Series, Book 2) 
by Leigh Ann Edwards

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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All of her life, Alainn has lived between two worlds. Although she was of the servant class, the others didn't like her, thought she was too good for herself because she was given certain privileges, raised and tutored with the master's sons. When she falls in love with the heir, Killian, life gets even more complicated only for her to find out truths about her parentage. The Witch's Daughter is set in Ireland in 1536, and the historical imagery is amazing. The world of rules, the master and Lord and the servant and peasant classes truly divided and not to mix. But this is also the story of love and hate, of curses and revenge, of the excesses of privilege and the heartbreak of the lower class. Author Leigh Ann Edwards weaves a story that draws you in and has you guessing until the end.

The Witch's Daughter is said to be the second book in a series, that being said I have not read the first book, but I was not hindered by that at all. This book stands alone and is easily understood, although it does make me wonder if the first book is the story of Alainn's parents, and if so I desperately want to read that now! Author Leigh Ann Edwards wrote this book with the ability to stand on its own, but if anything it makes you want to know more, the past and the future, how the curse came about and what is to come next. This is definitely an adult book, there is talk of sex and rape, so I wouldn't recommend it for a younger reader, but I think it was a wonderful story all the same.

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