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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dark Siren (Dark Siren, book 1) by Eden Ashley

Dark Siren (Dark Siren, #1)Dark Siren (Dark Siren, book 1)
by Eden Ashley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Young and beautiful, Kalista was not your typical teenager, she drank of the souls of others, but of course she couldn't tell anyone about this. Adopted at the age of seven, when her parents died, she has always felt a little different, but when she blossomed as a teen and started drinking of the souls, she knew things were off. At the movies one night, she meets a handsome stranger that she can't help but feel she has known, and that begins a strange and dark course for her life that she never could have imagined. Rhane has been searching for Kalista for over 400 years, but she has been hidden from him, when he finds her in the body of a seventeen year old, he is unsure what to do, but losing her is not an option. Dark Siren is a complex story of love and lose, of supernatural forces and coming of age, forgotten memories and revenge. Author Eden Ashley weaves a tale that twists and turns to the point that you never know who to actually trust.

Dark Siren is said to be the first book in a series of at least four books, and that is a good thing because by the end of this book you are left wanting more. The story is complex and there are so many layers of things going on that you are always guessing. Author Eden Ashley creates a story that draws you in, has you wanting to know more, surprised at times, happy and sad within the same chapter and leaves you begging for more. There is some sexual references, but no actual sex in the story and there is a lot of adventure and fighting, but I feel comfortable recommending it for teen readers as well as adults.

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