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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Witch Lineage by Marian Lindner

The Witch LineageThe Witch Lineage 
by Marian Lindner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Lena is a gawky, nerdy, teenager who can't wait to get to college and blossom, like her older sister Linda did. For now, though she has to get through her eighteenth birthday with her father out of town. To make matters worse, she had a nightmare the night before, and once she makes it to school, she finds out it actually happened. One of the senior boys was attacked at a bonfire and is in the hospital. This brings out the ever present rumors of witches, which some people swear are false, but with some many people ignoring the rumors, could they just really be true? The Witch Lineage is a paranormal story of witches, lurking just beneath the surface of everyday life, and wreaking havoc on life without anyone the wiser, all because too many people discount the idea of witches. Author Marian Lindner gives readers a well written and complex story about teenagers, witches and legend.

The Witch Lineage is listed as young adult, as the main characters are high school students, but yet adults play key roles in the story as well, so I would recommend it for any age reader. Author Marian Lindner writes a story of a legend of the area where the story takes place, witches and so many people refusing to even entertain the idea of witches, that the witches are able to do so much without notice. It makes for a good story of good over evil, but also about not discounting legends, being aware of the world around you and exploring every avenue. This was a captivating story that draws you in as a reader. It was clean, with no language or sex, so I recommend it to all readers.

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