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Monday, December 5, 2016

Shifter (The Were Chronicles, book 3) by Alma Alexander

Shifter (The Were Chronicles, #3)Shifter (The Were Chronicles, book 3) 
by Alma Alexander

My rating: 4.95 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite 

Saladin, or Chalky as Mal March has always called him, may not be family by blood, but he is the closest thing to a brother Mal has, and he has always been there for him. It stands to reason that when things get difficult for Mal, Chalky is the one he calls. When it comes to book three in the Were Chronicles, it also stands to reason that it should be Saladin's story. Shifter picks up the story were Wolf ends and continues it from there, while at the same time giving us Chalky's own history and story. Author +Alma Alexander  has done it again with a third book in this series that is captivating, will have you reading to the end, while at the same time you will cheer and cry with the characters. Once you sit the book down, you will be thinking about all the events, the social injustices, the outrage and linking it to the current times.

Shifter is the third, and final, book in the Were Chronicles. You might be ok reading them alone, but the story is so much bigger and emcompasses so much more when you read all three together, in order. While it is fun and exciting to read about shape-shifters, there is a socially charged underlying story with the discrimination and forced labeling of their kind. Author Alma Alexander gives you what you want to read in a wonderfully written and page-turning book. Yet when you really think about what she is saying, you will find yourself thinking about the world around you and what occurs. It would make an excellent book club series, even moreso it would be a great series to read in school! I recommend it to all readers, of all ages, and I also recommend that you think and talk about it with others afterwards! This is the kind of book that while it was written for enjoyment, it has the power to change people and thinking.

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