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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Whitechapel Secret: Who Was Jack the Ripper? by: Martin Loughlin BOOK REVIEW

The Whitechapel Secret: Who Was Jack the Ripper?The Whitechapel Secret: Who Was Jack the Ripper?
by Martin Loughlin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who really was Jack the Ripper? Even after 125 years theories abound but no one really knows.
This novel takes a new perspective on the Ripper slayings, leading the reader on a scavanger hunt to find clues left by someone who was there at the time of the killings, some information that will finally reveal who Jack the Ripper was.
The story starts in the modern day, Ian is a freelance writer and he also gives guided walking tours of famous Jack the Ripper locations. Some have even said that he is the best of the Ripper tor guides. This night should have been like any other, but one lady on the tour is determined to talk to Ian. Ruth Walker has a interesting family history that has been passed down for generations. She truly believes that her ancestor knew who Jack the Ripper was, and left clues to solve the mystery.
Ian listens to her tale, and although it would be wonderful if it was true, he just isn't sure. At the train station on his way home, he is stabbed and almost killed. After talking to the police and getting stitches he arrives home only to find a message on his machine from Ruth's daughter. It seems Ruth had been killed by a hit and run driver earlier in the evening
Well, the death of Ruth and the attempt on Ian's life is just too much to be chance, so Ian and Ruth's daughter Lindsey set out to find and follow the clues, all across Europe.
This story gives a whole new perspective on Jack the Ripper and is filled with travel and adventure. I found it was so easy and quick to read because it made for a compelling story. No matter how many stories about Jack the Ripper you have read, you must read this one.

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