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Saturday, March 8, 2014

An Untitled Lady by Nicky Penttila BOOK REVIEW

An Untitled LadyAn Untitled Lady
by Nicky Penttila

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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An Untitled Lady takes a real life political event, the Peterloo Massacre, and gives it life and voice in the form of fictional characters. Madeline has grown up alone, but her godfather has been grooming her to be his son's bride. Too bad he forgot to tell his son about this development. When Madeline arrives at Shaftsbury, nothing is what she was lead to believe it would be and her world is turned upside down. The younger brother of the Earl of Shaftsbury marries Madeline, and as he is a merchant takes her to town. The plight of workers and the factory owners becomes the main focus as +Nicky Penttila tells the story leading up to what would be later called the Peterloo Massacre when the workers rose up in passive protest to the treatment by the factory owners. As Nash and Madeline strive to learn to live together, they are in the middle of the arguments, he as a factory owner but one who understands the workers. Madeline is pulled in as she searches for her family of birth.

An Untitled Lady may take place in 1819, but the ideals are progressive, and as we watch Nash and Madeline together, we see them learning that the rules of the past will not fit the new order of the world. Nash is a merchant, but he is more understanding to his workers and wants a peaceful resolution. Madeline is drug into the conflict as she search for her birth family, only to find them high in the reform movement. Does she follow her family of birth or the rules she was raised under? Throw in an evil Uncle that has clouded Madeline's judgment and you find a wonderful story of the time period. +Nicky Penttila mixes history and fiction to give life to a moment in time that deserves more understanding.

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