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Monday, March 31, 2014

Courted by the Vampire (An Eight Realms Novel) by Sandra Sookoo BOOK REVIEW

Courted by the Vampire (Eight Realms, #1)Courted by the Vampire
by Sandra Sookoo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Hannah dreams of a ordinary, normal life, but when Edwin walks in the bookstore and tells her he has been looking for her for two years, although she'll admit it's a cheesy pick up life, she has no idea how far from normal her life will become. Edwin is a bounty hunter, a half vampire bounty hunter, and he needs Hannah to help him on a quest. Hannah wants nothing to do with the paranormal world. She had been there once, tried one time, never wanted to go back. Problem is that Edwin isn't the only one looking for Hannah. As Edwin and Hannah team up, their opposite ways cause friction and sparks to fly. Courted by the Vampire is truly a romance story about the courtship of Edwin and Hannah, the fears and decisions they both have to make to get to this point in their lives. Sandra Sookoo mixes in the paranormal in a way that feels more natural and part of life than to make it mystical and dark.

Sandra Sookoo's world of paranormal involves good and evil, but the world is more beautiful and worth living in. It is not this dark and scary place that most vampire novels take you to. It is quite refreshing to have an uplifting version of a vampire for once. Courted by the Vampire shows how Hannah and Edwin must fight not only the demons in the world to save it, but those inner demons we all have, to be able to accept the relationships that are presented to us. Romance, Paranormal or just fell good, this novel will have you laughing and crying and wanting more! Ladies of all ages will enjoy this novel and enjoy the courtship they encounter.

FUN FACT:  Some of the locations mentioned in the book, well most of the locations that they visit in the book are in the beautiful and wonderful state of  Indiana, in the great mid-west!  Indiana Dunes and the Indiana Dunes State Park, Indianapolis and then Chicago is mentioned, but they never go to Chicago.  Might not be a fun fact for you all, but it was for me because guess what.....I live in Indiana!!  How many times do you find a book written and set in this little burb?

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