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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Way by Mary E. Twomey BOOK REVIEW

The WayThe Way
by Mary E. Twomey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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The Fountain of Youth has been discovered, but it only works on people with B type blood. The only problem, it makes you anemic when you bath in it, so you must consume O type blood. If you have the bad fortune of being born with A type blood, well you are second class, the slave labor class. The Way separates people into classes by blood type. Baird, Blue and Griffin are born into this world and raised in what could be called an orphanage. They have a secret, Blue is more than she seems, she is the Light. A prophecy of old told of how the Light would come into the world and heal the world. Baird takes is as his role to train Blue to be the master assassin that she will need to be to complete the prophecy. While Baird is trying to hide Blue, she unknowingly reveals herself to Prince Liam and his entourage. This may be a good thing as she is whisked away by them to hopefully fulfill her mission. Mary Twomey creates a world of classes in which the second class with bring forth the hero to save the upper class.

The Way is a wonderful story of coming of age in a fantasy world where people are valued only for their blood type. As long as you have the right type, you are ruling class, but if you have the wrong type you are either the slave class or food. Enter Blue, who at nineteen is extremely naive and has a prophecy weighing her down. She is said to be the Light which will save the world. Mary Twomey layers so many elements in this story. There is the arbitrary assignment of value based solely on blood type, then you have the whole prophecy of being "the one" on a young girls heads. Add to that a forbidden romance or attraction between people of two different classes, and you have a wonderful story. Perfect for young adults, but even adults will find meaning and enjoyment in this story.

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