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Monday, June 23, 2014

AUTHOR POST: Lara Adrian

Lara Adrian

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Midnight Breed Series
0.5    A Touch of Midnight
1.       Kiss of Midnight                             My Review
2.       Kiss of Crimson                              My Review
3.       Midnight Awakening                        My Review
4.       Midnight Rising                              My Review
5.       Veil of Midnight                             My Review
6.       Ashes of Midnight                          My Review
7.      Shades of Midnight                         My Review
8.      Taken by Midnight
9.      Deeper than Midnight
9.5    A Taste of Midnight
10.    Darker after Midnight
11.    Edge of Dawn
11.5  Marked by Midnight
12.    Crave the Night
12.5   Tempted by Midnight

Dragon Chalice Series
1.  Heart of the Hunter
2.  Heart of the Flame
3.  Heart of the Dove

Warrior Trilogy
1.  White Lion's Lady    (currently free on as a kindle download)
2.  Black Lion's Bride
3.  Lady of Valor

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