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Friday, June 6, 2014

Stuck by: Stacey D. Atkinson BOOK REVIEW

by Stacey D. Atkinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Odette is twenty-three, living at home with her mother and younger sister, working at the local convenience store where she has been since high school and just rolling along with life. She finally realizes that she is restless,she is Stuck, that this isn't what she wants out of life, that she wants something more, but she has no idea what she wants or how to go about it. This is the summer she will meet Henri, a rich kid from the yacht club and Ben a research scientist in the area on a project. Henri introduces her to sailing, but she keeps information about he life from him which leads to trouble. Ben knows all about her, in fact he understands her better than she understands herself sometimes. Stacey D. Atkinson gives us a story of growing up in a small town, and breaking free. Finding out what you want for yourself and going for it.

Stuck is what so many people become. We just go with what we are doing, never questioning and looking for something better. Stuck is not only the story of Odette, but it is also the story of her younger sister Sophie and her mother too. They are all living in the trailer together, in a poor town with poor expectations. Only when Odette makes plans to get out, to do something more does Sophie also realize that she can do more, she doesn't have to follow in her older sister's footsteps and marry young and have kids. You might call it a coming-of-age story, but it is more an awaken o what life can be outside of what you know. This is a great book for young adults and adults alike.

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