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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2211 Umbra: A Future History Novel by: Grigor Fedan BOOK REVIEW

2211 Umbra: A Future History Novel

by: Grigor Fedan

Reviewed For +Readers' Favorite 

The legacy of the first African American President turns out to be a wake-up call to all people that we have no come as far as we thought we had in terms of equality, and so the next years are spent actively making changes until 200 years into the future the world is something altogether different, there is no race, no money, no politics.  Welcome to 2211 Umbra A Future History Novel, where people are split into tiers: regents, that have ruling powers, first tiers, second tiers and so on.  Anyone, through education and hard work can promote themselves through the ranks up to a first tier, and with support maybe even become a regent.  Religion and faith in a God plays no part in this society, those people have all abdicated to Texas, with its own government. Soon a zealot with use religion and God as a vessel to exact revenge on a regent he feels slighted him, cutting off Texas from the rest of the world and starting a "holy war".  Grigor Fedan gives us a look at a future society that is once again making the same mistakes as the past, think Stalin and Hitler, because they have forgotten the lessons of the past.

2211 Umbra is a wonderful tale in that you have this "perfect" society that has taken away the need for money or politics, and made everyone equal so to speak, or that was the original plan and those in it still think they are doing that, but there are some outside that don't see it that way. Of course they are living in their scientific world and not thinking about God, and they don't realize what they are missing. Only when they are faced with this war, that divides them do they start to understand things.  Grigor Fedan mixes future with past history, religion and science and what comes out is a wonderful tale of life that needs it all to be well-rounded and fulfilled.  Great story for teens up through adults!
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