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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bloodline : Forgotten Origin Trilogy, Book 1 by Tara Ellis BOOK REVIEW

Bloodline (Forgotten Origins Trilogy #1)Bloodline : Forgotten Origin Trilogy, Book 1 
by Tara Ellis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Alex and her younger brother Jake are laying on the hillside in the park watching the stars, along with their mother and most of the rest of the town, waiting on the greatest meteor display in 5000 years. Her dad loved this stuff and had been talking about this display for years, in fact he talked of them watching it in Egypt, but that had been before he died. The shower is spectacular, although one seems to come pretty close, and then Alex's mom comes down with a terrible cold. Not only Alex's mom, but most of the town. As people come out of their colds they are not the same, and Alex starts finding clues left behind by her father. She turns to Chris, a 75% Cherokee by blood boy in her school, as he didn't get sick either. Alex is 50 % Egyptian by blood. Bloodline: Forgotten Origin Trilogy Book 1 follows Alex and Chris as they try to figure out her fathers clues and what is going on with their friends and family. Author Tara Ellis gives us a wonderful story that fits many genres.

Bloodline builds on purity of a family blood history, so Chris and Alex, having a extremely pure family history have highly concentrated bloodlines and therefore they do not get sick when the virus takes over. This is a unique concept and at the same time slightly disturbing because the odds of anyone having sure a pure bloodline nowadays is remote. Tara Ellis gives us a story that easily falls into the science fiction, or fantasy or even paranormal genres, but no matter how you classify it, it is worth a read for young adults and adults alike. This book is to be the first in a three part trilogy.

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