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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Taking Elyse by Jody Fife BOOK REVIEW

Taking ElyseTaking Elyse
by Jody Fife

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Elyse in on the way home from her best friends, when the unthinkable happens, she is kidnapped. What unfolds in Taking Elyse is two-fold, first it is Elyse's struggle to stay alive and alert with her kidnappers, and at the same time leave small clues behind for the cops to find her. One the other side it is the inter-woven tell of a Detective who cares about this case and how it effects his family. Then there is Elyse's family, her husband and children, her sister's and best friend, not to mention the whole community where it seems Elyse was just a favorite person. So many different people play roles in finding bits and pieces of the clues that have to be put together by Detective Macie, it is truly a work of art in how it all comes together. Jody Fife presents a different take on a kidnapping, and how it can effect people.

Taking Elyse also has a strong religious theme to the story in that a particular faith is very important to Elyse and plays a large part in her communications and interactions with everyone we see her encounter. The whole kidnapping and why remains a mystery until the very end and it is revealed who was behind the whole thing, but each person that is suspected has their own reasons, motives and seems like they might be the one, right up until the end. Jody Fife does a remarkable job keeping the mystery going until the end, not tipping her hand too early in the book. This is a great read for all ages young adult and up.

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