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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Case of the Killer Divorce (A Jamie Quinn Mystery, #2) by Barbara Venkataraman BOOK REVIEW

The Case of the Killer Divorce (A Jamie Quinn Mystery, #2)The Case of the Killer Divorce (A Jamie Quinn Mystery, #2)
by Barbara Venkataraman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is about a year or more time gap between the first book in the Jamie Quinn Mystery series and this book, as she mentions her mom passed away two years ago in this book. In the original book, her mothers passing was only within the last six months.

Jamie is back at her family law practice and she is representing a woman who is trying to leave her husband. When the husband is found dead, the woman is the prime suspect that DA Nick has his sights set on, and of course Jamie is sure it is not her client and she is the first to call DA Nick to let him know what she thinks.

With the help of Duke, and Susan Doyle, who is no longer a Public Defender but in private practice, the threesome once again work their magic to find the kill and get to the truth of the matter.

In a backstory, Jamie has never known her father and she has asked Duke to look for him, he gives her a name, then she decides to stop. When she asks her Aunt Peg, she is given a letter from her mother that explains everything, things she never knew, with that information and the presentence of Grace her the search for her father continues.

This is definitely a great book! You will find yourself caring about the clients just as Jamie does, wanting to find out who did what and solve the case so that the right person goes to jail. When you see her mothers letter you will cry at the injustice of the things that happened to allow Jamie to have to grow up without a father.

The book is well written and compelling, you become a part of the story and want things to work out the best possible way. So looking forward to the book in the series!

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