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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

At Water's Edge(The Water Rushes, #1) by S. McPherson

At Water's Edge (The Water Rushes, #1)At Water's Edge  
by S. McPherson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Dezaray used to be an outgoing social butterfly, before her parents died in a plane crash, now she keeps to herself and shoulders the burdens of more than she deserves, but she dreams of something else, something more. In another dimension, Lexovia is the last of her race, the hope of her world and protected at all costs. All she wants is to be a teenager and have some fun. At Water's Edge (The Water Rushes Book 1) is an epic story of two worlds or dimensions that at one time used to live together in harmony with a portal between, in each dimension was a twin or counterpart, and Lexovia and Dezaray are one of those sets. Now the worlds are kept apart by the evil Vildacrux, and Lexi is their only hope of defeating them. So when Lexi and Dezi accidental trade places things get a little crazy to say the least. Author S. McPherson weaves teenage angst, romance, social issues, rebellion and honor into an epic fanatsy that will keep you spellbound until the last page.

At Water's Edge is titled to be the first book in a series, and I for one truly hope that is the case! I know that I could not put this book down. I laughed and cried, and I kept reading until the end and still wanted more. I wanted to know what happened next. Author S. McPherson pulls you into the story in such a way that you feel for the characters, you root for Dezi, you want her to break free of her past, you want Lexi to triumph. You feel a part of the story, which is what makes it all that much better of a read. Although it is marketed as young adult, because the characters are seventeen, this is a great read for any age.

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