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Friday, August 12, 2016

Spirians: The Beginning by Rowena Portch

Spirians: The BeginningSpirians: The Beginning
by Rowena Portch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark, Arch Angels vs Lucifer; this concept has always captured our attention. Open your mind to a world of Spirians, or the Protected Ones, Light and Shadows, or the Fallen Ones. In the Spirian clan is a young warrior Shanuk, who is powerful but still a little too boyish, and easily angered to be a leader. The elders of the clan fear that sooner than they want, they will need Shanuk to be ready to take over the clan. Calla, is part Spirian and part Fae, she is a healer in the clan and she is the love of Shanuk, yet she too will have to endure and learn to be a leader among the people and not just and headstrong young girl. Spirians: The Beginning tells the story of Shanuk's growth, what happens to the elders that leads to his becoming the leader of the clan. It also tells Calla's story, what happens to her and her growth to become his partner in the clan. Author Rowena Portch gives us a well written tale of secrets, betrayals, revenge and making the wrong and right choices in this story that keeps your attention from beginning to end.

Spirians: The Beginning is a well written tale, giving enough history to make everything that occurs in the story make sense, yet not so much as to bore the reader. Every character has a background, some tragedy that lead to them being in this clan, and those tragedies ultimately lead to them making the decisions that the later did, either wrong or right. Author Rowena Portch weaves historical, fantasy, coming of age, spiritual all into a tale that keeps your attention and has you reading from beginning to end. I recommend this book for adults only, there is some references to sex - the mating, bonding and then some other, so I wouldn't let younger kids read it, but that's a parental choice.

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