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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Absolution: The Ted Roth Story by Edmund Hulton

Absolution: The Ted Roth StoryAbsolution: The Ted Roth Story 
by Edmund Hulton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Have you ever wondered what made someone a killer? Why they did what they did and how they decided that killing was the best or only way to deal with the problem? Absolution: The Ted Roth Story is the story of one man's life, told by him from his youngest days up through the end. Teddy explains what happened to him that drove him to kill his best friend at the tender age of 10, and blame it on another boy. It takes you through each and every killing that Teddy commits and gives you an insight into what he was thinking and feeling when it happened, and his reasoning for it. Author Edmund Hulton gives a wonderful first person, biographical kind of fiction story that opens a world of a killers mind up to the read, and you find that it is eerily similar to your own.

Although Absolution: The Ted Roth Story is a work of fiction, you can almost feel the realness of the story. The reader is easily able to identify with Teddy and the others in the book, so much so that at times you might think he's a monster and other times, you want to defend what he did as an act of justice. Author Edmund Hulton has taken on the human fantasy with the mind of a killer and yet given him a real life, a purpose and a motive to live and told his story in such a way that you start to question who is the good guy and who is really the bad guy in the story. Definitely a read for mature readers only because of some of the events that occur that lead up to some of the killings, they are not described in graphic detail, but the topic is hard to deal with for some readers. That in and of itself makes the reader question the justice of what Teddy does in certain cases.

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