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Friday, September 2, 2016

unvamped by Elizabeth Stevens

by Elizabeth Stevens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Charles is a 700 plus year old vampire, or at least he was until last night, who has become just a little jaded to life on earth with humans. Petronella, or Ellie is a young witch who hasn't decided if this is a gift or a curse, she just wants to be normal. Lee is your typical teenage werewolf, trying to adjust to the monthly changes and not enjoying it, wanting to be normal. One night, quite by chance, all three would encounter each other and all their lives would become entangled. Charles would try to quench his thirst on Ellie, who would curse Charles turning him human, and Lee would see is all from a distance. No big deal right? Wrong. Now they find that they will each need each other to figure out this messed up thing called life as a teenage vampire, witch or werewolf. Unvamped is a catchy title for the story, partly of Charlie, who is no longer a vampire, but also of Ellie and Lee. Author Elizabeth Stevens takes normal human emotions of growing up and translates them to these paranormals and gives a divine story.

Although the title would make you think that Unvamped is mostly about Charlie, and while he is the main character, he has a lot to learn or relearn to shed his jaded ways. It is still just as much about Ellie, a powerful young witch with so much potential that she is a threat to some, and promise to others and she just wants to be a teenager. Lee is having trouble controlling his changes from boy to wolf, and this is causing problems, which only grow with the book. The funny thing is that Charlie is the one that seems to be the best equipped to help Lee out and deal with the issues. It's an uneasy alliance between these three in the beginning then becomes a friendship that changes so much about them all. Author Elizabeth Stevens gives the reader a wonderful story with so much to recommend it for any reader.

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