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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tangled Web (The Arrynna Doe Trilogy, Book 1) by L.W. Tichy

Tangled Web (The Arrynna Doe Trilogy #1)Tangled Web (The Arrynna Doe Trilogy, Book 1)
by L.W. Tichy

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When you are born being able to see things that most people can't and no one is willing to believe you, life can be difficult if not downright painful, lonely and depressing. That is what Arrynna has faced, abandoned at a hospital upon her birth, she was beautiful and calm, everyone at the hospital loved her, but once she started seeing monsters, life got even rougher. Abandoned once again by the only parents she knew at age five when they could no longer deal with the things she saw, she has grown up in institutions and learned to make believe the world is normal and see doesn't see things. All that changes when the Faerie Kings take an interest in her and start trying to find out more about her. Tangled Web (The Arrynna Doe Trilogy Book 1) starts the journey to find out why Arrynna is special and what she means to the Faerie world, the Unseelie Court and the magikal community as a whole. Author L.W. Tichy develops a multilayered story that lives up to the Tangled Web name.

Tangled Web is titled as the start to a trilogy, and given the many layers of story that are woven together into a very tangled web, there is no way a single book could convey the story justly. Life for Arrynna was starting to get manageable, she had a set of foster parents that pretty much left her alone, she was doing pretty well at ignoring the magikal world that only she could see and she was hoping to just live a semi-normal life. Of course nothing can ever go easy for her, her whole life has been a struggle and with the Kings of the Seasonal Courts all taking an interest in her, each for different reasons, she is about to be pulled into more than she could ever have imagined. Author L.W. Tichy has created a current world with all the social issues of today entangled with a magikal world that is ripe for upheaval, and so many layers of story, each character has a different story line or two that is all woven into this web that becomes an engaging, provocative story that you can't put down.

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