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Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Witch's Dream (Order of the Black Swan, Book Two) by Victoria Danann

The Witch's Dream (Knights of Black Swan, #2)The Witch's Dream (Order of the Black Swan, Book Two)
by Victoria Danann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After getting book one, from free on Amazon, I found that if I signed up for the authors, +Victoria Danann newsletter I could get book two for free, and since I was already hooked after reading book one, I had to sign up and get book two!!

The Witch's Dream starts off within a few weeks of the end of book one. This is definitely a read in order series, in fact I would say it is more like each book is a part of a whole larger novel, so you can read the second set of chapters without reading the first. There is a review at the front, but that is just enough to refresh your memory between book publications really. Just my take on the series, as an avid reader.

Elora and Ram are at his brother's place to do what the elves call hand-fasting, which is their marriage ceremony. Everyone will be there, then they are all going to Edinburgh to work with Bakka for a bit on his new Vampire project.

This book gives you more details about Black Swan, because this time we are in Edinburgh, and so we learn more about this area of the world. We also get to learn a little more about Ram's family and we Kay's sister's. This book does focus more on Lithia and Storm, because they are off on one mission, and then Ram, Elora and Bakka are on another. We learn about Storm's requirement into Black Swan and his past, what Lithia knows of hers, and then later even more of her past. Again, there are many layers of story going on at the same time, yet they all weave together perfectly to create a perfect picture.

The whole scope of Black Swan is changing at this point because of Elora's arrival into this world, her unique blood and the perfection of the vampire cure. At the same time, the men of B-Company have been together for a long time, but they are finally finding the women that complete them and deciding that maybe the life of a Knight is done for them and it's time to retire. The question is can one ever really retire from something like the Black Swans?

This book is hard to review because anything I say can spoil book one for someone who has not read it, and yet if you are reading a review of book two, shouldn't I assume you have read book one? Not really, so I try to be vague, but vague just does not work in this book!!

Each book is dependent on the one before it - I said this before, I look at this series more like each book being a set of chapters in a large novel and when finished the complete series will make one large novel. If you look at it that way, then reading them in order and understanding that everything ties together is easier.

The thing is we have the same main characters in this book - B Company - Storm, Ram, Kay, Elora, of course Monq, the directors Sol and Simon, and Bakka. Now we add in some new characters in this book, learn more about each of the previous characters and the story grows. The situations are changing fast, things not thought possible are happening with lightening spend, and yet they are all still rolling with the punches and doing the best they can.

It's just a captivating story. You are pulled in to the point that you are laughing with one couple, crying with another, mad at one person, rooting for another, wanting to punch one and so on. They become part of your world and your life, you feel like you actually know these characters, and that is what a truly good book and a truly good author does. They make you part of the story.

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