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Monday, September 5, 2016

The Water Kingdom (The Water Novels, Book 1) by Deborah J. Gray

The Water Kingdom (The Water Novels, Book 1)The Water Kingdom (The Water Novels, Book 1) 
by Deborah J. Gray

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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For Sebastian, the only choice he feels he can make is to take action himself and look for the missing queen, even if it means he can never go home again. This way at least someone is actually doing something, not just sitting around. Nell has lived a structured and rigid life, never breaking a rule, but never feeling she fit in either. Stowing away on a field trip that she never got permission to go on is the biggest rule break she has ever done, and she is sure something bad is going to happen to her for it. The Water Kingdom (The Water Novels Book 1) tells the story of Sebastian and his quest, and what happens when he accidentally runs into Nell. Author Deborah Gray takes a fantasy/fiction story of two different worlds, and mixes it with coming of age, romance and finding your voice to give young adult readers a meaningful and rich story.

The Water Kingdom is titled to be the first in a series, a let me warn you now, the end is a cliffhanger! Its a natural ending point, but at the same time, there are just too many unanswered questions, so a second book feels like a must! Author Deborah Gray writes in an easy, confident manner that engages the reader and has to identifying with the characters, remembering people from your own high school experience just like them. Although it is set in a fantasy/fiction setting, the plotline and issues of not fitting in, feeling alone, and not having a choice in life are issues that teens today all feel that they are faced with. This is a great book for all readys, it is clean, there is no sex or graphic violence, so I recommend it for any age.

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