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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Take My Husband, Please! by Kimberly Jayne

Take My Husband, Please!Take My Husband, Please! by Kimberly Jayne

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What is a woman to do when she is trying to move on with her life, but her husband has yet to sign the divorce papers, and now has shown up in her house without a place to live? For Sophie, the choice is to try to pawn him off on another woman so that she can move on with her life. Trouble is that Will is not wanting to move on as much, and he has some deep secrets that could spell major trouble for Sophie if she finds out about them, so he is willing to go along with her dating scheme just to keep his secrets. Take my Husband, Please is a contemporary modern romance story of two sets of best friends, their failed marriages, divorces and friendships. Although there is some humor throughout, it is more a realistic look at modern dating when divorced. Author +Kimberly Jayne  creates a wonderful set of characters that are engaging and worth reading about.

Take My Husband, Please is an adult fiction, definitely rated for the more mature crowd and not for younger readers, but it does hit upon a number of things at the divorced single mother, back in the dating game is going to run into. While the characters are engaging and the banter light-hearted, it is more of a humorous look at life than a romance in the true since. Every time Sophie or Will seems to be getting to a point of interest on a date, something ironic or out of the blue totally ruins the moment, and so it isn't the sizzle romance that you might expect. Good, light reading to get you laughing a little and not thinking, which we all need sometimes.

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