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Monday, September 5, 2016

Moonlight: The Big Bad Wolf (Knights of Black Swan, book 4) by Victoria Danann

Moonlight: The Big Bad Wolf (Knights of Black Swan, #4)Moonlight: The Big Bad Wolf (Knights of Black Swan, book 4)
by Victoria Danann

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

The fourth installment in the Knights of Black Swan (Order of the Black Swan) series by +Victoria Danann  is Moonlight and it focuses mostly on Stalkson Gray, the werewolf alpha and his pack from Elk Mountain that was having issues with too few females.

We see a little of Bakka and Heaven in this book, and Storm and Lithia are in this one a great deal because of Lithia's pregnancy and also the desire of the Order to try to work with her father, Deliverance. Ram, Elora and Helm have moved back into Jefferson to try to keep Elora safe after the failed attempt on her life in the last book. Glen is also featured a little more in this book.

The Order learns more about the other worlds in this book, especially when they work with Deliverance to help the Elk Mountain pack decide what to do to protect their future. The also learn more about Vampirism, and the fact that what they have encountered in their world, the diseased form that they finally found the cure for, is not the only kind and in fact it has completely different look in other worlds.

Lithia and Elora are able to bond and talk to each other throughout this book more, especially now that Elora has given birth to Helm and Lithia is pregnant. The uneasiness that Lithia used to feel towards Elora because of Storm's involvement with her before Lithia, is slowly being replaced with a shared experience and friendship that only two woman who have went through the same things can have.

Slowly things are changing in the Order , as Sol is getting married and planning to step down in two years, so he is preparing to train his replacement. He would like it to be one of the members of B Company, but they have their own person in mind to recommend for the job and hope that they can get Sol to see their point of view.

Once again we have many layers and areas of story going on at the same time, yet they all mingle together into a real-life story. Once again you find yourself liking characters and wanting things to go their way. Even Deliverance is found to have a few redeeming qualities!

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