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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Love's Misadventure (The Mason Siblings Series, Book 1) by Cheri Champagne

Love's Misadventure (Mason Siblings Series book #1)Love's Misadventure (The Mason Siblings Series, Book 1) 
by Cheri Champagne

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Lane and Anna had grown up as neighbors, his family estate bordered her family estate. They had played together since childhood and were best friends. He was the only man to understand her love of reading. Anna had always secretly hoped that Lane would develop deeper feelings for her, but at the advanced age of twenty-five, she felt she was all but lost for a spinster. Lane had his own problems, fearing that he would never be able to have a family of his own, so he ignored his feelings towards Anna. As Anna decides to marry the next suitable bachelor, Lane vows to give her an adventure, problem is that other factors are at work here and the adventure that Lane plans for Anna turns into a real and true kidnapping, among other things. Love's Misadventure (The Mason Sibling Series) follows Lane and Anna, along with the rest of the Bradley and Mason families, as they tumble through adventures and blackmail, each hiding secrets that if they only voiced would have prevented most of the troubles. Author Cheri Champagne gives the reader a historical yet humorous story filled with mystery, intrigue, and romance.

Love's Misadventure is the first book in the Mason Sibling series, so we meet all the Mason family in this book, Lane and his younger sisters, and learn bits about them, but not too much yet just enough that you are encouraged to look forward to the next book that will involve one of them. The Mason family and Bradley family are intertwined tightly and yet that makes it even more real, and fun. Author Cheri Champagne not only gives you romance and adventure, but there is humor and real life, keeping secrets only making things worse and love prevailing. This is a great read for any historical buff.

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