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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mary of the Aether by Jeffrey Aaron Miller BOOK REVIEW

Mary of the AetherMary of the Aether 
by Jeffrey Aaron Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Living in a small town can have it's ups and downs. For Mary everyone knowing her and her father, who seems to be much too old to actually be her father, is one of the downs. Mary would rather live where she can fade into the background more easily. Mary has never fit in, and now at fourteen, her father spins an unbelievable tale that she is a Lightbearer from another world, and the last of the kind. Talk about not fitting in anymore, now she is going to stand out, unless she can keep people from knowing. The worst is that there are Lookers out there searching for her. She's not sure she can turn to the only friend she really has in Kristen, she has a big mouth, but maybe the guy she is crushing on. Aiden is a bit like Mary, not really an outcast, but not the most popular boy in town either. Can he be the one to help her? Mary of the Aether follows her story once she learns of her true nature, and what happens as she is searched out by others who want to destroy her. Jeffery Aaron Miller once again uses his unique knack for writing about other worlds to draw you in and to have you totally engaged in the story.

Jeffery Aaron Miller is a wonderful writer, who can take you to a fantasy world yet still keep you in touch with the real world and it's own conflicts. Mr. Miller just has a wonderful knack or ability to create these other worlds that are mixed with our own world, and yet the issues of growing up in this world, poverty and unpopularity, are intertwined with the lofty goals of the other world. There is so much in his storytelling to admire and to recognize for the youth of today. I find his writing and storytelling abilities to be fascinating. Mary of the Aether is another series that follows Mary and her truth as a Lightbearer and her quest to preserve that as the last living Lightbearer. This is a great book for the young adult and teens. The issues they face in the real world are dealt with, while giving some adventure and fun to the whole story with the other world and it's own realities.

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