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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Torn Holding Kate Series by LaDonna Cole BOOK REVIEW

The Torn Holding Kate Series (Book 1)The Torn Holding Kate Series
by LaDonna Cole

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Heartwork Village is a summer camp of sorts for kids who have been having troubles. Katie is dealing with the effects of her parents divorce and runs with the wrong crowd. Trip tries to save his little sister from the physical and sexual abuse of a step-father only to kill the man. They are all sent to Heartwork Village, but it is no normal camp. Quantum mechanics is at work, and the campers "jump" into alternative realities to help one team member work through the issues that brought them here in the first place. The Torn revolves around a group of kids. Katie, who is torn between Trip, the big muscular guy that provides her with safety, and Corey who provides her with eternal love. LaDonna Cole weaves a coming of age story into a soul-searching experience novel, with the adventure of these quantum jumps. An amazing mix of storylines and ideas to keep everyone interested.

When you think of reading a novel set in a camp for troubled teens, The Torn is not what you think of at all. The teamwork that is required by the teens to complete the jumps, the trust and the openness that they must share is amazing. Each jump, for each person is a wonderful lesson for the reader. The characters all deal with things that the everyday teen will be facing and so the whole book is inspirational and encouraging. LaDonna Cole gives the reader romance, adventure, fantasy and at the same time answers to deal with some of the most pressing problems of youth today. The feelings of worthlessness, self-hatred, parental divorce, abandonment, unloveable, and so much more. Parents and adult will find it a warming read, and even may find information to help them talk to youth dealing with the issues.

Book Two - Holding Kate Series - The Keepers

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