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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Keepers Book Two of the Holding Kate Series by LaDonna Cole

The Keepers Book Two of the Holding Kate SeriesThe Keepers Book Two of the Holding Kate Series
by LaDonna Cole

My rating: 4.7 of 5 stars

Reviewed for +Readers' Favorite .

Corey is completely in love with Kate, never mind that he isn't even eighteen yet. He has been in love with her for a thousand years, or at least in the terms of the quantum physics that makes the jumps they do regularly happen. Kate loves Corey and she feels safe and worthy with Corey, the only problem, she is drawn to Trip too. Trip of course, as much as he considers Corey a friend, is competitive and wants to win the girl, even if it means breaking the heart of the girl that loves him. Welcome to Heartwork Village, a camp for troubled youth that implies quantum physics to allow the campers to jump into alternative realities to change choices and see what else could have occurred. The only problem, someone is sabotaging the jumps! Corey, Trip and Kate make up three members of the team called The Keepers, whose only job it is, is to find who is sabotaging the jumps. Author +LaDonna Cole  creates a world so close to reality that you believe it and want to visit yourself.

The Keepers creates a believable existence of life this some complex quantum theory that allows these controlled jumps into time and space. They are suppose to address issues in your life and help you deal with them, which is the purpose of Heartwork Village, and why troubled teens get sent here. +LaDonna Cole  gives us a heartwarming story of first love, lost souls, and coming of age. It is not your normal angst filled rebellious teeagers, but for some reason these intelligent kids need a hand up in the world. This is an excellent book for those preteens and teen readers! It deals with topics and pressures that every child today is going to face!

Book One - The Torn

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